A downloadable desktop toy for Windows

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Replace your ordinary mouse cursor with its eternal nemesis: the cat paw.

A cozy utility guaranteed to make your main monitor more amusing while raising questions from friends and foes alike.

But you won't mind.

You'll just bat them off, like so much yarn.


- Supports Windows 10 + Windows 11

- Main monitor exclusive


- Mac version

Updated 2 days ago
Published 12 days ago
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(21 total ratings)
TagsCats, Comedy, Cozy, Cute, desktop, desktop-goose, Family Friendly, Furry


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

In order to download this desktop toy you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Desktop Cat Cursor v1.01.zip 31 MB


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how can i buy it in Russia


did you know?

the cat paw is not completely symmetry ! it was rotated just like the mouse. for about 15 degree to the right

no need to thank me for ruining your day


You Didn't Ruin My Day I Liked That Fact


Can't say I'll be using this all the time, but it was well worth the purchase.


make this free or else


If you want to reset everything to factory settings, go to C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\SampersonLabs\Programs\CatPawCursor2024 and delete this folder

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Just use:


Then you don't have to mess around with different user profile locations.  %appdata% will jump right to the signed-in user's Roaming Appdata folder.  Follow me for more Windows Tips or something 馃ぃ




windows gives me an unsafe error whenever i try to install... does anyone know how to fix this? even when i try running as an administrator it gives the same thing. (i know nothing about coding or technology, apologies if i just did something wrong.)


;; i'm also having this same issue and i've tried redownloading it, and now it just tells me access denied. :') aaaaa


possible idea for customisable yarn balls/items and fur pattern presets?


here are  my suggestions for an update
-make the arm be behind the task bar so when something is full screen it isnt floating weirdly

-make the mouse movable/ smaller

-make it able to move where the cursor is, like, you could customize it to click on the paw or in the center of the top of the paw by however someone would like to

-multiscreen support, or atleast for it to be able to chooose which monitor to use

sorry if my suggestions are bad i really like this app


any plans on supporting Linux?

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please, add ability to move "mouse" menu from center position, also show tooltips on hover as it's not clear what some of them do. color change needs some explanation on how it works as result color is quite inconsistent, having palette would be great addition too.

overall great app :D

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hello i love this app but the cat cursor doesn't extend to my other displays is there any way you can fix this?


Is it possible to customize the look of the paw beyond color? Like shape, multiple colors, etc. I would like to know this purely for evil custom mischief purposes


and hope this software can be capture on OBS :D

can I change the color somewhere in the file? where is the color setting stored? in this file all values are constant and never change


Can't change color its just black

mreow idearpp

This is incredible! This makes using the computer 100x more fun.

Lmao this is definitely my fav teaching tool XD

make the menu disapper please

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plz i really want this  to work when i play fullscreen games

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much like, very cat


Best purchase i have ever done on this app

For some reason the yarn balls don't move smoothly for me, but other than that I love this.


I love this so much, but I agree with a lot of other people that it would be really nice if the mouse menu was a task bar icon instead. Also something I haven't seen many people mention is a way to quickly toggle on and off the paw without having to close and reopen the entire program.



man i wish i could buy :(


You can. It's 1,49 USD only.

I would like to, but some people may have sanctions, alas

Please add:
- Ability to move/hide mouse menu
- Multimonitor support or at least ability to move to other screen 
- Some kind of instruction or hover-over indication what a button is


I love this addon! It's very fun and silly lol 

But I also agree with a lot of what the others are saying about being able to hide the mouse menu at the bottom, or at least be able to move it out of the way.  

I also wanted to use it when I stream on twitch but it looks like I would have to my full screen for the paw cursor to appear instead of window capture.  Not sure if there is a work around


I love this!!! Although I have an issue that I hope can get fixed,

My main monitor goes black whenever the application is used, I really hope to be able to use this again when its hopefully fixed but otherwise, this is great regardless!

(Also as other people have been saying it would be awesome if you added multi-monitor support and a way to move/remove the mouse icon at the bottom, thanks :3)


Please please please update it and let me hide the mouse menu to the tray I love this so much <3

Would also love if we could customize the paw with patterns! 


Just what my computer needed, more kity


would love if there was a way to hide the mouse menu/move it to the taskbar, and if the paw extended all the way down to the edge of the monitor in fullscreen applications


Deleted 9 days ago

how can i hide the mouse menu?


Hi, any chance to get a steam key as part of the itch.io purchase as soon as it's published on Steam? :P


Would love to see multiple monitor support, bought it anyways because it's fun enough just on the main screen.

Suggestion for an extra-stretch goal: Multiple cat paws if someone has a multitouch monitor.  I don't even have a touch-capable Windows device but just imagining it makes me giggle.


Amazing, please test with two monitors, I have another monitor above and you can't see the paw.


i love it!!!!!!
i would be so happy if i could use this as an actual color picker and paste the hex value elsewhere

(also it would be nice if there were separate buttons for paw size +/-, a transparency setting so that you can see any text under the paw, and if it had mouse capture detection so it would go away in games until you pull up a menu.. oh and i'd love if it reacted to modifier keys!! but it's already fantastic)


if i could hide the little mouse on the bottom then this thing would be practicallt perfect!!

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