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Really cute. Just two suggestions:
- Fix the disable start-up when booting Windows.

- App glitches graphically when using fullscreen for gaming or videos, and keeps glitched until restarted.

Anyway, so cute! <3

I really loved this but  I shut down my laptop and when I turned it back and it said it was running and to turn it off in the settings in the corner, but there was nothing there : no mailbox, settings or flowers . I tried to uninstall then reinstall it but now nothing opens at all? I even checked on task manager but nothing appeared when I opened it. 

Desktop meadow only shows up in task manager when it tells me it's already running and to turn it off 

I'm having the exact same problem, I've tried everything to try and resolve it but there's still no sign of it being open

Mine only worked for half a day, I turned off my laptop and suddenly it wasn't showing up anymore. Slightly disappointing but hey-ho 

This is an error that samperson is aware of however he is working on other projects at the moment so it may take a while for it to be fixed

hi! i love this program! my only real qualm with it is, i can't seem to scroll down on letters i receive. the text suddenly cuts off, and i can see there is more but there's no way to access the rest of this message. Am i missing something, or is there just no way to see it?


At the current time there is no way of scrolling through the received mail, it is still in development so may eventually get fixed


i see, thank you for the response!


quick suggestions

1. add replays so we can interact and a soft reply so others can get it

2. add an automatic movment so I don't have to deal with floating mailbox whenever I turn on my computer

3. add more space in the mail please. thank you

4. add to mac


Please make it on mac like the desktop goose. I loved that one and wanna see this on mac too please. (Wine doesn't work with it bc it uses an older version of Windows and not 10 to run files

The Mac version is in the process of being developed however currently the creator is working on other projects so it may take a little longer

my computer says it is running but there is nothing


How the hell do I uninstall it? It's cute, but it keeps appearing whenever I start my computer up. I've deleted the files, and uninstalled the usual way, but it's still there.


I found it. It was not under Desktop Meadow, but if you've already uninstalled, find 'samperson' in your Program Files, and delete the folder. I wish I could use this program, but it's way too intensive for my poor laptop.


I would like for  this to be added to apple computer 


Please make this available on earlier versions of Windows! I have Windows 8 and it says it isn't compatible with my operating system :(

I can't run it. When I try launching it, it says nothing that can be launched could be found. Any fix for this?

The bar to stop the program is gone, and I'd like the flowers off my pc again

If you go into a folder called Samperson and go to the bottom there is a thing (idk what the word is) called 'Uninstall' and click on that.


I tried it out, and liked it.
But uninstalled it. But it's still somewhere on my PC, because on every start up it's still asking if I wish to turn it on.

I've searched my programs, and installed things and it's not there.


look for a folder in Program Files called samperson


I absolutely love this! It's so cute and I love the messages. I have two problems, though. One, I have more than one monitor and it won't open on both. Second, and more importantly, it won't run anymore? Idk what to to. I really miss it :(


Cute little program, I appreciate this. I noticed that it seems to leave the second monitor alone, though. Could we have an option to target the second monitor?

Pretty unhappy here. Donated, installed, worked for a month and now, no matter what I do, nothing shows on my desktop though if I try to start the program, I get a message that it's already running. I don't see it in the task manager to stop it, I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times...nothing. And nowhere to find support. I really enjoyed it while it worked, but now...

Look for 'samperson' under your program files!

I know where to find it. I can't get it to run. At all. Which sucks. Because it used to but won't run anymore.

The creator is aware of this issue however is working on other projects at the moment, if you wait then the bug may eventually get patched


doesnt really work with two monitors, and there are no settings options to allow this, also i really want flowers on my taskbar.


Says not compatible w/ my OS? ;( I have windows 8.1
What OS is it for, can I ask? 


Same here... I am sad...

It only works with windows 10


I wish there were flowers on the taskbar, and that they'd be visible even when windows are maximized. I don't do a lot of work in windowed mode, so it sort of defeats the purpose of seeing a cute garden. It's still a nice idea though!


First thing I downloaded from the big bundle and then I'm told it doesn't support my OS (Win7). That's ... sad.



yea for me it didn't work for win 10 even tho 2 days ago it did


Hi, I love this app. One little problem though, it seems to flag the word "sex" in bisexuals. Would be nice if it could be fixed. You can say "fuck" though.


Hi, fellow lgbt+ person, I find that hilarious that the word "sex" is blacklisted, but not "fuck"

I absolutely love this!

Just one thing is missing for me....maybe I set it up wrong. The Desktop Meadow functions excellent on my first monitor, but is unable to appear on my extended display//2nd monitor.

I was hoping to have a full page window on monitor 1, and a partial window on Monitor 2 so I could view my Desktop Meadow whilst I work on other things. Of Course, for now I can just reverse this so that my smaller window and Meadow sit on my first monitor and I work on the 2nd in Full windows.

I know NOTHING about coding or development really so I have no idea if this is even feasible. But I'll see what I can find out.

Either way, this is a sweet little Meadow and 2 people have already reminded me in my mailbox to stay H Y D R A T E D.


All of the apps made by samperson are designed to only work on a single monitor, this means it is slightly lighter on lower powered computers or people who have mismatched monitor sizes

Having troubles with it! For a while it worked and I loved it b ut recently it doesn't show up. I've tried reinstalling it and runing it again but it says its already open. 

I just posted farther up with the same problem and there's no way to get support for it. :(

there is a discord server that you can join for help however at the current time this issue is unfixable however the creator is aware of it so may be fixed soon

I really love this app. It's soo nice to see flowers and birds and to receive kind letters. It's a really cool concept!


Please have to be compatiable with windows 8.1

aw, my heart


Please please consider adding multi-monitor support! I want this on all of my monitors, not just on the primary one that usually has stuff open maximized.


Did you take into consideration that the Windows taskbar can be on top?

Right now the plants are growing ON my taskbar icons


How are the messages moderated?

I really like this, and was wondering what other programs there are that are similar to this. Any suggestions?


It's not a program, but  a website. It's still similar.

This website lets strangers write unmoderated letters to throw into the void. I really like it.

I love this so much! I sent my first letter and am super excited to get one back!


how do you work it it is in my downloads but it says no available application?

Try using the website instead of the app! I had this problem but only when using the app!


I can't install on Win 8.1 :(

Same.  Was super looking forward to this.



The meadow is only designed to work on Windows 10

This is so cute! Its a shame that it can't run on Mac though. :(

How do I uninstall this application?



you can remove it manually

if ur using windows, u might need to go to task manager, expand the window, and go to startup. Find it and disabel it

thank u but doesnt that mean it still exists on my pc in a way even if the service is disabled?

yes u can delete it

does it live in a folder


Love this, got it in the equality bundle. I'd pay extra for the ability for it to work across multiple monitors and maximized windows <3


Please allow this app to work on a Windows 8.1 . Thank you


This looks cute, too bad I can't try it.

I don't know why the dev decided not to make this win7 compatible but that was a mistake.

Win7 is not dead, it's not close to dead, and people will still be using it in significant numbers until and probably even after microsoft releases their next OS.

If you are going to develop for windows at all, ignoring win7 support is pure absurdity.


Support for Windows 7 from Microsoft ended in January, it's a genuine security risk to keep it as your daily driver.


No, it's not. That is a lie microsoft tells the public to motivate people to upgrade.

If you were ever relying on microsoft to keep you safe then you were never safe to begin with.

Get a respectable internet security suite like bitdefender and win7 is just fine.

People and businesses used winxp for years after microsoft ended their support and nothing exploded.


You know, except for when EternalBlue forced Microsoft to release a patch for Windows XP after support ended to prevent things from exploding. They won't do the same this time.


That's a pretty bad example.

EternalBlue affected pretty much all versions of windows, including 8 & 10 which were well inside their support period. Nothing about that was winxp or even win7 exclusive.

Also by the time that exploit came out most people weren't even on winxp anymore. Most people who were avoiding win8 & 10 had long since migrated to win7 which was also within it's support window and was still affected.

As for microsoft not fixing such an issue if it were to happen again...

Your whole argument is that they fixed it the last time something major happened and therefore they won't in the future? You pretty much shot your own argument in the foot as you made it.

If something like that happens again, microsoft will fix it because it's a major black mark on their company if they don't. As awful of a company as microsoft is and as little as they care about their users, they can't and won't ignore an issue like that. It's just too damaging to their company for them to do that.

I've been down this road multiple times before through multiple versions of windows. An older "unsupported version" is not drastically less safe than whatever their current offering is. They certainly would like you to think that is the case since it benefits them for you to do so but it just isn't true.


It interferes with ShareX, so if there's any way that could be fixed, that'd be lovely.

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this is adorable! my computer is super calming and cheery now. 
i think flowers and such are supposed to grow on the task bar, but they won't show up for me. is there any way to fix this? thank you so much!

Same for me. A real bummer since most of my windows are vertically maximized so can’t see any flowers on them.

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