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i cant use it

how do you send letters

can snybody give me some advice and stuff if i want to make something like this

i am new to coding a bit


its cool

If yall get a message that mentions a Jester. That's totally me.

I used it in the past before I got a MacBook, but now I can't use it, could you possibly make a mac version

I'm glad I got this

Eu não consigo baixar

pls help, i cant find the menu, im using windows 11, pls fix, otherwise very peaceful game

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just found this beauty! how can i join discord?
edit: got it

At least it isn't like a certain goose that ruins you'r life..


dont say goose

How bout' i do it anyways?


i cant use

shut it down when it's full screen!

can you make this compatible with automatically hide taskbar?

Deleted post

task manigar i tryed it and it worke


thats how you close i

take the blue pill manigar or take the red pill manager i pick the blue pill


i deleted the file but the gardens still there! i need it gone does anyone know how to help?

I can not send my message.I have no problem with my internet.

.NET sucks at detecting the internet connection.

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I would like this if they can appear whenever I opened a browser or something that is full screen already.

Edit: Whenever I opened up my computer the Desktop Meadows ran perfectly, except they didn't place in the right spot. Pls fix this.

yeah, i get the same issue- i just close it and then open it again, but that gets tedious after a while

Are the letters actually made by real people? they seem kinda fake to me


I think people probably try to send certain types of messages and it ends up being repetitively the same. Like there’s a certain vibe that’s common. It probably also filters out explicit words or spammy ones. 

how to close the game

You need to press and hold the ESC key

how to off this??

Add or Remove Programs. Uninstall. 

You need to press and hold the ESC key

it doesn't work for me :c


I like this a lot but, I usually like putting my taskbar on the top of my screen and that kinda breaks it all. It'd be really nice if there were options for those of us who don't like the taskbar on the bottom :) 

hanging plants, bird feeders and the mailbox hanging on a chain

how to get rid of it

turn it off


game tips be like 

(1 edit)

Press and hold the ESC key

Apps and Features, choose item. Uninstall. 

Hello! i would like to join discord server but whenever I click the link, it sends me to a blackscreen... can someone give me a link?


Is compatible with the goose? hahahahaha


Yes, along with the desktop crewmate and homeless pigeo

Along with the Companion Cat


When I try to launch it, it says that it's already running even though it's not

Same with me but I was able to uninstall it from my computer.


Yeah, I reinstalled it, and it worked, but just normally reinstalling didn't work, I had to delete all the files, Then reinstall

Help, my screen is black.

I was setting this up and didn't see the "You should close all other applications before continuing" and now my screen is black. Please send help as I can now no longer shut down my pc.

just hard reset

mac compatible? looks great but unusable for apple plebs (me) lol


Can you make this for macOS too? You where able to make desktop goose compatible with macOS, can't you with this?

slightly different systems


This keeps poping up when i boot up my computer is there a way to get rid of it?

Do i uninstall the file?

nice background-

thank you:)


tahts not aupp[or

tahts not aupp[or




Hello, awesome app. My only problem is that flowers and stuff doesn't appear on my second monitor. Can you fix it or is it abandoned? :(

I have a bug...



plz make for mac


can you please make a mac version?

i can't send my mail 555555

always said that i'm not connected to the internet 

how could i do:(

I am also having this error, which is too bad. :( haha

.NET sucks at detecting the internet connection.

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