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This application would be great mixed with Sonic Windowszone ngl.

im getting a cant connect  to network error?

Opens on my main monitor, is there a way to open it on my second? Or Both.
I would prefer both.

i accidentally clicked "yes" for if the app should start with my pc, now i can't stop it. how do i turn it off again?

The app broke then was fixed and now broken again. By which I mean I keep getting the "shoot and darn" message but no others. I really miss this and hope it gets fixed soonest. Baaaa...

I've been having some trouble connecting to the servers lately... is the app kill?

me too, :(



hi, so i have a problem uninstalling desktop meadow,

so, when im searching something, i saw desktop meadow. and i'm very excited to try it, so i decided to install it and i got surprised. everything transforms into a beautiful meadow, so in a few weeks later. i decided to uninstall it from my computer and shut down my computer, when i open up my pc later,  desktop meadow is still on my computer, i'm so confused so i decided to uninstall again but still here after the reboot, I started to panic until i decided to uninstall in programs (x86), but when i deleted desktop meadow in programs (x86), it's still here. AND FINALLY... i decided to uninstall on programs (x86) so once i reboot my computer, desktop meadow is finally removed and uninstalled my computer. Thank you for reading.

I installed it just to try it, i deleted it and it won't go away


make a Mac version


can you make a mac version

hello guys, i have uninstalled both desktop goose and desktop meadow. but i keep getting this everytime i start my pc. can someone please help me? 

Deleted 67 days ago
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in the right hand corner of your taskbar there should be a tiny arrow pointing up click on it then right click the flower icon and click exit

i have the same thing happening to me and nothing is working


So heres one thing, This broke both of my monitors after having it for a month or 2, There could be a virus so I'm not downloading this again, Both the monitors don't work, I had to get a new pc completely fresh, I ran out of what to say here


This did not break your monitor. I'd call this "coincidence" but you even said that your monitor broke a whole month or two after you installed this, so it's not even related. There is nothing in this program that remotely has the technical ability to break a monitor.

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my friend stuff like this is mostly a trojan, i didnt download much stuff, the only stuff i downloaded was steam, [a lot of games but i removed them from my desktops] it did break both monitors, ill try this on my mac laptop then might keep you updated on what happened


To his point, VirusTotal says it's a trojan


considering i used a lot of different antiviruses on some of my monitors, yea its definitely a trojan


Antivirus doesn't run on your monitor, it runs on your actual computer. You seem to be under the impression that a monitor can execute code through display cables.


Just to let everyone know, I'm pretty sure itchio has regulations in place to safeguard against trojans etc. Sometimes systems mistake something to have a virus as it runs on homemade code and whatnot. It's not like the creator made this from something else, they had to grow it themselves (haha funny pun). Plus this creator has made loads of other stuff so they're pretty credited to their cool work.

- I think the closest 'Trojen virus thing' on itchio is Super Catto Boi or uh another horror game as they open up apps and code without permission and make notes etc, that kind of tech horror like sonic exe, but even then they're not malicious or anything. Just annoying at times.

Yeah I agree, I talked to a app dev and he said the thing that makes anti-viruses and stuff like that go off saying things are trojans is just the code used to make a "exe." file. That's what makes alarms go off inside your computer but all it really is, is a false positive.

Is there an macOS version ?


By saying we can't decompile or reverse engineer the executable is very suspicious because then you can't tell if it's a virus yourself. Also, you don't have any safeguards in place so nobody can extract it. I just used 7-zip to extract it no problem. You could at least make the executable have a password to extract it. Your licence.rtf file doesn't even have text in it. No terms or conditions either other than "if you download this you cannot do anything to make sure it's not a virus". I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings I'm just letting you know that there are some major issues that need to be worked out.


It's common for software licenses to prohibit decompiling and reverse engineering. This is often to protect intellectual property rather than to hide malicious content. If they wanted to share the code freely, they'd open-source it. That doesn't mean that all closed-source programs are malicious.

I'm not saying it's malicious, I'm saying that there needs to be at least a password to the exe, an actual license file as well as other issues that need to be worked out as well. I get it's closed-source but doesn't mean that there's anything stopping someone from extracting it and/or making a malicious copy of it.

im not getting tired

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it WONT delete please help... it wont leave and now my computer is being slow, im following what you guys say but the flowers are still there and im getting tired, it was nice at first but now its not working out for me can someone help me

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(edit: idk what to put ok?? i just had to quit and dleete it to uninstall)

Could you also make this for Linux?


Pls make for mac



pls make it for mac?

desktop meadow keeps running on startup how do i stop it

if you clicked "yes" on a question to start the desktop meadow on system startup, you can only now uninstall it and then install it again and not click to start with the system

oh wait nvm on the microsoft settings i found the area where i can enable and disable apps from running on startup.  i found the desktop meadow there and i disabled it it stopped running on startup

do you get messages if your pc is off



In a virus website it says that haves a trojan, and the security is 1 of 10

maybe it lies


windows defendesr says the same

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is there a quick way to turn it off just in case like esc for the goose


1. Go to minimal tray

2. Right click on the pixelated flower

3. Click exit


i LOVE the mail birds, be on the look out for a letter signed "nething"!!

wouldn't a better transparency solution involve just having the actual assets be transparent over the inbuilt windows "transparent" color; in order to avoid the transparency overlap currently present?

I did a poor job of explaining this so I'll leave an example.

Current system: 

Each sprite utilizes the inbuilt windows transparency system. When an overlap occurs the faux transparent pixels overwrite opaque pixels.

Proposed system: 

Each sprite is stored as a transparent PNG overlayed over a background of the faux transparency to produce a more accurate effect. Is the current windows transparency system too inefficient to achieve this without significant overhead?
Also do you have devlogs available? i would like to make my own desktop gadgets at some point.
     Thank you, and please ignore my username.

Can you make it for Mac, please?

the creator of this created both an asshole and a peacful thing


it's probably a tall order, but if you could add linux support i would be extremely gratefull!


the meadow should get more lush the longer it is active


were macOS ??????



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Not a bad app, love using it, personally I am an animal lover and seeing 8bit creatures on your desktop plus windows is beautiful to see. I run this app on me gaming laptop (Asus Tuf Gaming F15) safe to use, even virus scanned it to be sure and McAfee anti-virus said it was all good, so that's a win-win for me. 

(Usually everything I download, I virus scan it to be sure that it doesn't have virus in the files, even if it is hidden and can't normally be detected by a typical anti-virus program.)

I also tried out desktop goose and even modded some silly sounds and images into it, kinda fun to use lol.


I downloaded this maybe half a year ago, I deleted it because it was making my computer run slow, now even after deleting i continue to get bug reports and a pop up saying how to use it, i deleted the samperson files the main files everything, but I still continue to get these popups.

I have the same problem, to the point where I've thought about factory resetting my computer. I really hope it gets fixed soon.  

Your GPU is going to fry while running this thing for a long time.

how to close it without restart?


Task manager

Or right click on that flower in system tray (or "Hidden Icons" (idk how it's named)) and "Quit desktop meadow"


I would love an update that has multiple monitor support <3



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