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Could the explosion key have a customizable setting? F1 on an Internet browser keeps bringing up help. F2 would be great, though, since that only opens the Renaming capability in file browsers.

Support for multiple monitors would be great. It'd be so cool to explode letters onto other monitors!

I would personally love if there was an option for the keys to very slowly descend off-screen at the bottom, as if it's like quicksand down there. That way, if you wait long enough, the characters would gradually remove themselves. I would keep this program going perpetually then; that'd be pretty hilarious.

I have an issue, my program fails to work correctly... any help? It seems to run in the background, but no falling keys.


so uh I filled my screen with letters, then decided to make them go away using F1... my screen is full of F1 currenty bottom line  is, best "game" ever

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Whenever I try to run the Program, it gives me an error saying it needs the Data Folder with it. Thing is, I don't see a Data Folder, except for the AppData Folder, but I doubt that's it. Can someone help?


So i'm going to write a comment here as i watch my framerate turn into a pile of mush. Holding down keys thankfully does not fill the screen, but of course my fast typing skills aren't going to save me from this large wall. I don't really know how to exit this so (wait nevermind i just scrolled up.) That last sentance took up a lot of left presses. This looks like spam but this is technically a full playthrough so don't kill me mister moderators. And this is probably going to conclude my playthrough because oh god i can't even see if i make any typos. Posting the comment now. or whenever my screen decides to fully fill up. Better right click now. Or later. or just go hgghhghghghghghghghghghghghghhghghggh no wait i can just             nevermind space bar isnt counted for oh god see you later


review: this comment was a mistake. this program isn't.

Tried to run this but it doesn't seem to work. Can someone help?

I never wanted anything more. Thank you.

I really liked this program.  Made a video on it on my channel:  Video

How can i stop it?



hey samperson can you make a controllable desktop avatar version



make it for Mac  plz 

Tem  algum jeido de instalar essa ferramenta sem o antivirus detectalo?


jeido,não existe, e eu tbm queria saber se tem

If you open more than one window, it drops that amount of letters when you type, so, if you opened five windows and typed I, it would drop 5 Is, they wouldn't collide with each other.

This tool which honestly just felt like a wacky game was so much fun to use and I happened to fill my entire screen with keys and it took so long to even close it. I liked this so much that even though it is a tool I included it in my 3 special games video. It is the third out of the three. I wish you good luck in the future and make more fun stuff like this.

Could you add a fuction t clean screen so instead of closing theapplication and restarting it i can just do that?

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My anti-virus (Avast) Says its a virus


its no virus. it doesnt do anything to my computer. 

people were saying the same thing with desktop goose.

Neither desktop goose or gravity typist have viruses.


Most anti-viruses will "detect" if a file is a virus or not based on the file end of it. In this case the file is an ".exe" file. Most malicious files out there do end in .exe. Although, not to worry, .exe just means its executable. That means it can run and do "things" (Based on what it is) within the the desktop. 

You can't assume every .exe file is safe. Do your research on the program first and never install something that hasn't been verified by other people as safe. 


It's a virus you want. 


im having issues with getting this to run on my pc can anyone help?

Only a black screen appears

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there are 4 or 5 viruses in this programm, please remake it, by the way how the viruses come to every game?


There isn't a virus in this. The way anti-viruses "detect" if a program is malicious or not is by looking at the end of the file name. In this case the files ending is ".exe". This means that the file is executable and can be ran within the desktop. 

To be noted though, there are a lot of viruses out there that do end in .exe. Do your research on files before you install them by either looking at forums such as this or youtube videos. 


What half baked piece of insane reasoning is this? That's not even vaguely how antivirus works you maroon!



intentional silly misspelling to soften an insult

insult totally deserved though

the form still is in the taskbar. fix it


Will this every be available for Macs?

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Use Wine to use windows applications on Mac


Will this be available for Linux?


Use Wine if you wanna use this application 

he is legit just a "bot" to reply xd jk

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Hey this is too funny thanks!


Are you using the polymorphic window of c#?please. tell me. 


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this is awesome also secret in the youtube while you watching a video type awesome and see what happen :O

Warning: you will die!


ow it hurt my eyes alot


yes xD


maybe put a epilepsy warning (no hate on your comment)


xD We Want to keep it secret


No we don't dude. Imagine the people with epilepsy getting seizures. (Again like he said no hate on your comment)