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Opens on my main monitor, is there a way to open it on my second? Or Both. I would prefer both. 

how do you clear the keys?

it was so good, a youtuber did a pizza tower p rank while letters flood his scree

This is fuuuuuuun -u- Would it be possible to add support for numbers on the number pad while Num Lock is on?

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the keys have taken over my screen

please help

I can't configure, the icon vibrates each time i try to click it

this is so crazy

coul you make it work with controller input? im more used to games on controller like pizza tower for example.

tis broken, doesnt run, recieves error:  cannot load library unity.dll

hahahahahahahahahahha this is fun

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Very nice game , I would recommend you to activate compatibility with Goose Desktop, for example , when the keys fall , the duck chases the keys , or the keys bounce on the duck...... . I advise you to activate compatibility with Deskdop Meadow as well. You may launch a new version of Desktop Goose ,Gravity Typist , Desktop meadow . However , the game is done well .

Desktop Goose

Desktop Meadow

Desktop meadowDesktop GooseGravity typyst

A good game (The best game)

what if you copy and paste something

Question: Can you make it so you can change the control's for explosions? I use a laptop and my F1 key is set to make my laptop go to sleep.

Me trying to type Korean

Seems like lots of fun, but could you make a MacOS version?

Is there a way that I can fix it?

It wont start and it just runs in the background and does nothing.

The program is running but I don't see any keys falling onto my desktop at all. Not even mousing-over the top-right of my screen shows settings.



you need to be stopped!
your games are so GOOD ! 😄
i love creative mess

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the settings dont work when i just go over it it just shakes and the keys shake too and i cant click it

hey why the explosions don't work?

I’mma try playing roblox soul shatters with this

i tried and i hated it i could not see the controls 

lol me too next imma play funky Friday with it


good luck

It keeps saying that the virus scan failed. What do I do


OneLaunch saved me :)

it broke

it dont work


So I tried to play Stardew Valley...


I,m visible goose on you desktop


desktop goose here too XD

Lol so many keys


How did your computer not crash 

The combination of the goose and this is a sure-fire way to crash your computer 

i am fine, gamer pc's r fine, nasa is fine, noobs with crash irl.

i think so haha

the goose is like: maybe if im on the keys he will not notice

awesome, especially for someone like me who enjoys these sorts of novelties. Would be nice to be able to remove them without having to close the app every time the screen becomes unusable, but other than that I can't think of any complaints

mac? maybe? 


mmmmmm yes mac yeh yeh Yes YAS WE NEED IT O BRINg`  i g =ahbgjdjgctyvyqt4qrehrdevfhbtejhhjgcefhbfhfhexhaehbfxft3Htexabvef v vbfvfdgbwvefd wefvb


so i played the tricky mod (Friday Night Funkin) both songs on normal and this happened

kkkkkkkkkkkkk lol




perfect to play competitive games OR FRIDAY NIGHT FUCKING



this will be so great with friday night funkin!

famous last words

what have you done?

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Thats only because the file is a exe. and this stands for executable and most virusese are and exe this means it COULD be a virus but it has done nothing to my PC

It's not a virus, nothing happened to me



how can close this program


task manager

if you hover your mouse on the top right of ur screen a gear pops up that you can click on

can you make it for Mac 10.10+?

can you make it for mac pls

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I added it to mediafire

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I like this it's cool

the program runs in the background but doesnt appear in the game the game iam playing is pubg lite pc

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