A downloadable goose-sperience for Windows and macOS

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HONK HONK, HEAR YE. I have created a goose for your desktop.

He'll nab your mouse, track mud on your screen...  leave you a message, deliver you memes?

Play video games with a desktop buddy who will attack you if you poke him.

Fill out spreadsheets while your screen fills up with instances of Goose Notepad.

Supports MacOS versions 10.10+!

NOTE: I am not affiliated with House House or Panic. This is a different goose. Direct support questions to the Discord!


 - NEW, OFFICIAL MODDING API! Join the discord discord.gg/xZFRmPT and check the #goose-mods channel for more info on this :D
 - YOUR OWN NOT-EPAD TEXTS! Add whatever notepad phrases you want, and the goose will pull them up!

 - NEW CONFIG TOGGLES! Customize the goose's behaviour further, silence the audio, and more!

From 0.2+:
- Unlimited memes! Put whatever memes you want in the assets folder! Goose will bring them.
- Added GIF support!
- Config the goose! Alter properties in the config.goos file (open it in Notepad) to adjust his aggression!)

 This is not a final itch page - just trying to get something up so I can upload the project tonight! :D

Join the Discord community at discord.gg/xZFRmPT

Check me out on twitter at @samnchiet

Mac support by the brilliant Jesús A. Álvarez


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

DesktopGoose v0.3 (Windows) 4 MB
Desktop Goose v0.22 for Mac 14 MB


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comment on fait pour l'enlever ;-; j'en n'ai mis 3 


can you turn off

where do you do this program

Ícone "Verificada pela comunidade"

it won't let me download it


when i download it i click run file but then it dosen't load

go to files and open the extractor. Then open the google desktop if you want to close the goose just go to files and and double click close goose :) 

Broooo i need this for chromebook do you think you can do that? bc ive seen some vid's on it and its hilarious


how do i delete the file? it doesn't work

Super cute and fun. Reminds me of the old times with eSheep.

it bring me so much serotonin :0


Look in the read me file :) You have to press Esc for a few seconds.

help there is currently 4 gooses i pressed the button alot i dont know how to get rid of them

You should make one for chromeboooks.

i click download then it takes me to another page it doesnt download ???

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2 goose r make in mass

how you close on mac

Press and hold ESC


I've downloaded multiple itch.io games before but never one like this, I'm really bad with computers can someone help me get the goose to work?

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Edit1: woah so many replies


theres a close goose button in the folder you use to open goose


u can force him to ztop through the itch.io app


dude read the READ ME file it's not hard

there's a reason its called READ ME and not IGNORE ME

if you cant close, just open task manager and end task.


This goose is an asshole


i know right


Yes. I was in an important meeting and clicked on it twice so I had two geese going all around both steeling my mouse and everything! lol!


He is cute

Played Payday 2, Lets Just Say I Was Close To Killing Myself In The Game And Irl From Pure Rage, and I wanted to kill the Goose 20 Times Over



the most necessary application on my computer. -a pleased customer who is not a goose


You were the one who downloaded in the first place.

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my Goose is sleep in the BED

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aka toy MOD

Mod Here


how do I pull up the menu?

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dance Goose
am goose HjonkGoose destop Meme

for everyone on windows, if u alt tab u can see the application and exit out of it :>


i can't get rid of it if I turn of my windows desktop will it go away

it can go away, you either go to the folder and look for close goose or press alt+tab and you can close it :))


You can also hold down the esc button.


I liked it!


i hate this wonce i got it it was caos


I love them!


Oh she's such a good little goose, tracking mud and bringing memes! 


this fucking goose is a virus

it’s not..

u can turn it off,,,


this is fun!


how do i kill goose

You can't but you can close it by holding down the esc button.

no i want goose to die

Well you can find or make a mod that kills the goose.

no i fricking suck at making mods

just take a look at my profile

Deleted 6 days ago

Delete the app

You clearly have no experience with itch.io games



i was doing some art with the app open and it pulled up a notepad saying "good work" and idk it feels kinda good


Same, While I Was Doing A Mission In Payday 2, The Goose Did The Same Thing After I Committed Genocide In The Game. but 5 Minute Later, It Went On A Spree On Making My Life As Bad As Possible

would it say good work if you were good at editing videos?


Let me give the goose a hat

Please I made an account for this comment


should i get than threaten to delet


is that virus or what??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
because i see he is bullying youtubers


its a joke one, it does nothing

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Okay I unzipped the file but nothing happend-


I want to say that u dum, but ill say that you need to run app.

o k







Hi, I downloaded the goose program but I only see a 7 zip. Is there a folder I'm missing because I don't see the program anywhere?


You gotta unzip it dude

just run it

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