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Will it support multiscreen soon ? :D


Yeah i would really need that

for now it's just weird


New feature suggestion:

After x minuts, it lay eggs.

each eggs create a new goose baby which do follow the goose or the mouse.

I would love to see that added 

It could build a little nest to lay the eggs in and then they could hatch and join the shenanigans


Oh this is great! I am going annoy my parents with this and they will have no clue how to get rid of it
This is perfect 

It's super great, isn't it? 

yeah it is


lets see how many you can spawn at PC stopped working at 9 :v


rip computer


my record before system crash was 32 geese.


this is infested with virus. I request anyone to proceed with caution..


there is no virus, antivirus detect it because of the mouse stealer


press ESC for a long time  to deactivate the goose (after a short time you can see in the top left corner a bar  appearing)


soooo just click ESC right?

hold yeah


I have some troubles on discord lol

this happend with me

Fixed in v0.21! Just make sure you're extracting it to a real folder that's not a random appdata local thing too if you want it to work with all features :)

is it possible for you to make a version for mac cause i'm really dying to try this but i've only got an mac ;/

Is it going to be compatible for chrome books? 

probably lol

you  should make a desktop dog and a ton more animals and features, like you should make it so it will poop on random parts of the screen, more memes, and you should make it so that it will fall asleep in a random part of the screen then when you tap on it it will wake up and chase your cursor. haha

I fixed this in v0.21!

This is not fixed as it just bricked my computer today as well...


if i want to turn it off, how can i , because i tried and just summuned 3 more wich killed my whole shit.



hold esc for some time


I closed it and it caused my mouse to spaz out randomly clicking things....

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im still having troubles on how to actually get it on my screen


You are a beautiful person! Thank you for this hilarity!!


I'd love to have support for multiple monitors

Yes we need this!

 I second this.  Either way, amazing job man!


this better not be a virus diguise as a game

i would be very pissed if that was the case

Is it possible to add more memes ourselves or is it programmed to just use the included files?

What i did was add new ones to the memes folder and rename them to replace the originals, tho would be cool if we could have more than 7 total memes

v2 turns the memes folder into a free-for-all! Put whatever images you want in it, including ANIMATED GIFS!

This this is so awesome! This is going to be my April fool's prank on my organization by pushing this out via GPO and set to run on login


It will cause my computer to freeze up, and I could see nothing but white and a big red cross. It's very interesting,  but I'm afraid of using it now. From a overseas user.


How sure can i be that i don't recieve a ban for macroing or alike when the goose suddenly grabs my mouse during a game? Just curious if you thought about it - else very nice application :D

use at your own risk


very nice, but don't work on several monitors. fix please


please, add macOS support


not the dev, but unlikely due to how locked down macOS is, especially for something like this that transcends windows.


Download WINE and run this with it


my laptop is apple, after I purchased it I just discovered this is only can be used on windows. I hope in the future it can come out the version which can apply with the IOS system.


Is it possible to make a "harmless" version? like dont make the goose leave messages or memes?

It's really fun and I want to make it stay on my desktop when i am working.

Thank you.

or make the time interval longer so user can have some rest when the goose start darging something.

i would like it too. Its really funny the goos on the screem but that windows are anoying


Thank you for this, I miss having desktop pets <3

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Wow, it works on Linux with wine, and... one moment: it has a bug when multimonia is on: Multi-monia bug

yeah, it makes a big lol :D

Love it. Though it's a little glitchy in my dual-head setup: The goose would stay in one monitor (primary one, i guess?), and windows created by the goose will appear in another monitor before being dragged out. Not a complain, just so you can know.

will this be available for apple products? i really love this and would be extremely happy to have this lil dude on my computer

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This is great! But the mouse feature doesn't seem to work with Counter-Strike (edit: have also tried Team Fortress 2 with no luck), which is definitely a game most people would love to try this with. Also, it would be really cool if the more "antagonistic towards gameplay" version would be publicly available rather than sending a message to download it. Keep up the good work!


Let it run for a few minutes, it was funny, then my Windows BSOD'd with an irql_less_than_equal error. I do have my memory timings changed/overclocked, but no other app or stress testing, including karhu, has caused an error in any way over two weeks of use until I opened and used this app.

So I think something is wrong with the memory usage. It wasn't leaking, it was only using 16mb, but still, that's kinda weird. Just a heads up.


For all the people worried about it being a virus, it's fine:


If I also install BonziBuddy will they fight to the death?


That's awesome! It does remind me of the desktop pets and thingies from 90's and 2000's.


If you can need, I can translate duk's text from the widows jokes for brasilian portuguese


I absolutely love this. It's hilarious and original. 


virus detected

i posted on twitter


the problem is, you’re using Avast... 

i have avast on my system and it hasnt flagged it

I scanned it with Malwarebytes and it came up clean for me

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Maybe you can also have the goose drag desktop files, folders, and shortcuts to different spots on the desktop.  Will sometimes hoard things to one spot.


would it be possible to make one version that does everything, except let the goose actually take control of the mouse. IE it still follows the mouse, still does all the popups and annoying things but never nabs/takes over the mouse. That would make it ideal for me and my adhd!! Love regardless mate!

launch it in a Container, Most Antivirusses add that option while left clicking the .exe

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Its amazing so far but id love to see integration with multiple screens in the future if its even possible at all, since the goose only wanders around the main screen and becomes invisible if it chases you into the second screen. keep up the good work!

I also have this problem, and I even made few screenshots of this.


The goose become invisible in one of the screens if you use two monitors. It also stole my cursor... again. Why did I installed it in the first place?


how do i disable the goose if i don't want it on my screen for a bit? do i have to uninstall it?


Hold the escape key down for several seconds!


Be warned, I scanned this and it has malware.


I appreciate your concern! I know this might not mean much coming from me, so check all the people running it in the tweet thread like this. It's actually super-safe. Everything is contained within the program, the goose doesn't mess with your files, and there's certainly no machine learning for the goose?

Though maybe that's a next step for the goose AI.

Not sure what virus scanner that is. 

I maybe get why it might trip up a virus scanner though - I'm doing weird windows stuff. If you want to send me your version zip/scanner log, I'm curious what specifically is setting that off, and my communication channels are always open!


It's Malware Bytes and it's not even reporting it as malware. This type of warning is an anomaly. It says it doesn't fit patterns. It's one of my least favorite alerts from the software because it misleads people that don't look into the actual warning.

Def see how Malware might be worried, considering what this app does. I haven't downloaded the app but maybe this will help you figure it out.

can i use task manager to stop the file

According to the readme, you can quit the goose by holding ESC for a few seconds.

I'm really interested in your work,how can I contact you? would you please be kind to say how can I create simple games like this too ? I'm looking for basics and tutorials, I'd be appreciate if you help me in this way. Thank you Mr. Samperson.

HOW DID YOU MAKE YOUR GOOSE? i realy want to be able to make something like that, and i would realy apreciate it if u taught me how to make something like it.


I mean,,, its supposed to be a joke malware


Mallardware for ducks sake. 

This joke is A+

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