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not working. everytime i try to open it it constantly is hitting me with a you do not have permission to open this file and all that bull crap. any one knwo whats wrong?



Thanks for the helpful info 

how to do a goose like you mod and custom with others things pls tell me samperson @samperson

in config, can you add

"maxattacktime", "minattacktime" and maybe "giveupattack"

maxattacktime=max amount of time spent trying to attack

minattacktime=minimum amount of time spent trying to attack

giveupattack=if it will  stop attacking or not (booleen)

should i download on my school computer and how should i delete it if i do

plz tell me

Just delete the downloaded files. Or, end it from the task bar, or manager.


how to delete it


Press esc or click on close goose


Will there be a windows xp version?


is this a virus?


might as will be


then im not downloading it


Not a virus, but is kinda annoying.

nope is not a virus

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Can you make it that: "Desktop Goose" can open something? (files,browser,new tab in browser etc.)


can u make it so that u can drag them


does this support dual screen ? it would be nice to ask him to stay on a specific screen or allow him to navigate between them

Deleted 2 days ago

im using windows 11 and it works fine,

have you tried redownloading it?

your virus protection is probably deleting it

This reminds me of "Runaway Spino" that was released back when Jurassic Park 3 and Scan Command came out.

is the goose compatible with windows 



it is kinda buggy if you have 2 screens... for example if the duck chases your cursor to screen 2 it will be invisible. pls fix

i wanted to download it for a little bit then get rid of it and it not working IDK what to do


he shot my monitor. 10/10




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Is there any way to disable it, As if  i was playing csgo and i wanted him to just leave and not come back? I would like to know before I download this. Like mid-game. Thanks!

restart computer

that get rid of goose

Right click on the goose and click “Close”

You need to go into the file where you downloaded: "Desktop Goose" then just click: "Close Goose" :D

just press esc and hold to remove the goose


but what if i made it compatible with sonic windows zone?

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is this fake tho is this virus pls answer this samperson

what makes you think of that this is a game


It is just a goofy desktop application, it’s no virus, in the sense that it’s proper harmful to your computer, like Bonzi Buddy.

But, it bares a similar vain to bonzi buddy, in that it’s a “Desktop Buddy” application.

However, while people call it a virus, it is actually not at all harmful.

This cute goose said: You are very nice! because i won race in GTA V :


how can your turn it off?


you have to long press the “esc” button to turn it off :)


ITS SO GOOD! its very cute and if you dont want it sometimes you can easily close it bu going to the folders and clicking the closing file. I RECCOMEND

it says i need a NET.framework how do i get one?

Just search up .NET or C# :)

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nope nvm my computer is "not trust worthy"for me to get a compatble NET framework


Deleted 49 days ago

its santa


I names mine Subway Sandwich


can we close ıt?



Deleted 2 days ago

I remember when my sister got this on her computer and we played with the goose. Nostalgia.


this goose is my whole childhood wow.


Silly funnee goos 1!11!!1!!!!!


Sooo i have 100 gooses, help, i want only 1 not 100.

u are a goose magnet 


maybe, im trying to get one singular goose but i get more then one.

burn your computer only way to get rid of them

yea sure


Its a virus,


its not


Spawning too much gooses Will Crash your Computer. So its a virus,

Deleted 33 days ago

just because something can cause your computer to crash doesnt mean its a virus

Best friend goose

Bro!! you are a real  legend. I am a fan now man!

i found a bug where if you run again and again the program,you get more gooses :/

it is not a bug it is a feature


pls let any kind of thing get it

plsss i want it on my chromebook they can help with my homework

Is there a option to let the goose Program running all the time but just let the goose get your attention once every 15 minutes?


yes look in the "config.ini" file

can youu make this available for chromeOS?


is desktop goose kid friendy



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