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quando lo installo mi fa fare la configurazione dopo aver esportato non succede nulla come posso fare?

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how do i close

Edit: theres more. its lagging

go to task manager and close the goose program

sorry for my english :(

a bug, two screen can't through another one


I only have linux :(


imagine having a linux


perchè a me non si vede l'oca? Cioè l'ho scaricata più e più volte ho fatto un account all'app ho iniziato a seguire il creatore ma continuo a non vederla, qualcuna sa dirmi il perchè?



How do I remove the goose btw?


If your on mac go to finder and then click daloads and then hit Goose whatever and tyen hit quit goose

i just search on the windows tab "task manager" nad then click on him and then i turn him off


why would you want to


if i have to present content in front of class?



you remove it on windows by opening the goose file and there will be a remove goose file in it so you click

just force close it by going to itc and clicking on it and it should say running at the bottom so click it and then click force clos

so if i download this, will the goose appear on all acounts on my windows pc? i want it but my brother will hate me if a goose starts walking and giving him memes while he is studying for college. thanks :D


the goose only appears if you run the app


thank you :)

So good I downloaded 5 times to get 5 gooses xD although it's really glitchy in that case


Pure gold. I love it.

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HeLp MeH It Ishgbg TaKiNg OvA Wait it over the rain of terroir is done WaIt



how do i download free

you just click download, then do "just take me to the downloads" and not do any price


can we turn it off


I think you have to un-install it, then re-download

no you have to hold esc for a few seconds so you are right


I have got this goose today DURING CLASS ITS TAKING OVER



iT FINE i humAn i Oke


This is wonderful


i have the goose open rn and i like how if you click his feet he grabs ur mouse

Is the rainbow strobe mod safe?

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the rainbowstrobe mod is a mod that samperson made as an example of the modding api




best virus

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i love my goose

this is vary good 

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by the way, you don't need to hold esc to get rid of the goose. you can just open the goose folder and then the "close goose" file or something and it'll disappear in a second

how to disable the goose?


you have to hold ecs for 11 seconds or more 

I think 

if it doesn't work then you could turn it of from task manager right click on the goose application and then press end task 

that should settle it

for an easier way just open the file/folder that the goose is in and click "quit goose" :)


you dont it disables you

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go to task manager , and end the task or open the folder with the goose and click "quit goose".

how to disable goose=press esc for 11 seconds or more

it was so annoying

why do i see two gooses?


That is because you probably opened goose on itch then goose in you finder.


probably opened it twice, you can open it multiple times to have more than 1 goose


i cant see my duck.


there is no duck


there is not supposed to be a duck only a goose

Can you add multimonitor support? The goose seems to go invisible when I move my mouse to the next monitor


how enable goose?

Can you disable it I want to download it but im scared i wont be able to disable the goose

Yes, you can delete it There’s a file in there that can remove the goose If all else fails, you can always restart your computer I think

just press esc for 11 seconds

pls its annoying


how do i delete it

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putting it in the recycle bin/using task manager to close it should work

edit: apparently you need to hold esc to close it, and you can delete the exe file in the recycling bin to delete it

i love my duck but cant really bare with her clapping footsteps when listening to music, what should I do to silence my duck?

go to the config.ini file and find the setting to silence your duck, then you change the word from False to True

its a goos


Hehe theres a lil goose running around my screen I love em

oh god he brought a meme in oh no


if i download it i get a extractor or something plz help

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Just run it, if you can't download win rar then run it

Can you make this android for chromebook pleas

Samperson can't make it for chrome OS because chrome OS is a web based OS and if it was running in web browser that wouldn't make any sense. Also he won't make it for android then it would have to be called mobile goose.

cool nerd

What Software This Application Builded in?

Visual Studio i think. It was made in C#


Yes With SamEngine

I Decompiled it Using DnSpy

i extraact where da file go it says in downloads but dont see

k nvm was in "along time ago" section

i can't open my little friend i named him frankie

Don't rename any files, or add any files, just run DesktopGoose.exe

same here

Tried opening it and now my screen is all grey/black. Help?

i just straight dont know how to open it

Just open the file and run DesktopGoose.exe

Maybe you got the wrong version?

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For people who is using this for the first time on windows: extract desktop goose then after extracted find the location you extracted it (original location: C:/Users/Name/Downloads) Then find the folder and open GooseDesktop.exe

let me name him binky cuz i love this name


Help I downloaded it when I tried to make it work I accidentally created 3 gooses, it's too much, I read about how to get rid of them but I doesn't seem do work, how do I get rid of at least 2 of them, one is fineHelp I downloaded it when I tried to make it work I accidentally created 3 gooses, it's too much, I read about how to get rid of them but I doesn't seem do work, how do I get rid of at least 2 of them, one is fine

oh nevermind, I wasnt seeing the pop up about having to hold esc longer



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