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it is not downloading

Make mobile

I LOVE IT!!! so hard to find anything besides a visual novel that runs on my crusty old macbook but my silly goose (I named him Gus) works just fine!! He's easy to switch on and off (and does so immediately) and hes so silly :) I love gus, thank you so much for making this!!

It doesn't work for me 😭 i tried everything and i downloaded it doesnt work.

pls help

What computer are you on?

actually it works thank you though

no problem


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press and hold Esc to get rid of the goose


how do you get it off my desktop its actually pissing me off now


task manager

If you're on mac you can open the desktop goose application again, it will pull up a little settings menu. From there just click "quit desktop goose". Idk how it works on windows tho lol


my goose has left mud tracks all over your comment

I got scared bc the download only said mac 😭 but I found the windows file 

(now how do i get rid of this little shit)

task manager

guys if you want to ask something ask me


this is not a virus its just a goose that are in your screen

correct, and to stop him, use task manager

~le honk


It would be cool if you can punish the duck for taking your mouse


does anyone know how to turn off the memes and notepads? i just want this lil guy to run around 

probably settings (i think it comes with the goose)


does what it says on the tin. he gives me cute messages and memes and is indeed an asshole.


This makes me want to be nicer to ppl in the comments of this website! (I'm still not gonna be nicer)

i need someone to mod it for him to be a protogen or something like that

wow your stuff i so cool


virus but not virus but cute but chaotic- AHHHH HE HAS MY MOUSE AAAAAAA



wont run on temu dishwasher

Deleted 17 days ago

i know right




won't run on sonoma mac

it bad your tv

very cool but why can't i change color of goose in config.ini, this is a scam

you need to set use custom colors to tru


how do i delete this fucker


Wow how dare you insult buddy I will find you!!!


how do i solve this? can please someone help?



That's Because they're not working on it anymore, since It takes a long time to make an App into another platform

what happens when i restart my pc will it still be there

honk honk!!


my only complaint is that the sound file for the "honk" noise needs to be proccessed and isolated properly or replaced. I can still hear the birds chirping at the park where the sound was obviously recorded

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help i cant remove the goose


Task manager

Changan ESC


honk ind33d


you can hold "esc" to remove the goose, cool.


i love this duck




when it brought on mud i thought it just started shitting everywhere for a moment...10/10 would recommend

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can the goose do my taxes?

sure why not


I have two monitors is there any way for him/her to transfer between them?


just say they/them



Its an it it's an animal

are you really afraid of misgendering a nonexistent goose..?


I guess...?


Can a config entry be added to set a max framerate? currently he locks your screen to ~30fps, i had to manually set him to 240hz in the nvidia control panel


me and goose are co-existing

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