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OMG we can open more then one goose!

Can I post a translation of this project into Russian on the Internet?

Is this a virus because left and right i see false positives and I'm not sure if i should keep it or toss it

i LOVE THIS but he wont leave me ALONE!!1!

ITS AMAZING, but is there any other way other than opening the file and having to click a lot to wake up the little guy, or is it the only way? it doesn't bother me though

Goose Approves. Maybe? He tracked mud all over it immediately afterwards so who can tell.

does anybody know how to get rid of the goose


Hold down escape


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Or go to the goose's files, and open "Close Goose.bat"

Definitely recommend this silly creature(


i love this! 


it would be so cool if you made another one that's like a different color or something and then the ducks can be besties or fight 

can you update thisss

Love this, but can you please update the Mac version to match the windows version in features?

can you disable it

u can close it by tapping on close goose in the files :3


anyway i use task manager for it

just hold down esc

doesnt let me launch it. any tips on how to get it to work

pp will help

here is a tutorial

Very good desktop pet.

(please help me)

i love it tbh :)

it randomly starts losing frame rate and idk what wrong?

Do you need to pay for it

It's optional to pay ATTOW
"Name your own price" or you can get it for free.

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how do you get it. it wont work

need. cat. ver




is this a vius?

nuh uh and see it for ur self

yup it is not

question : does it work for windows  and if so is it up to date

yes and its outdated... ish

i tried downloading it dint let me so dam

works now .... well atleast its downloaded

Wish this had a linux version for my laptop!

FNF with the playfully goose.


This has brought me so much Joy!!! ;_; I love that she stays on top of everything. She has a shortcut on my desktop, next to Baba! <3

How do I temporarily disable it?

You can't bro suffer for eternity


fake u hold esc esc and then dont get impatient

hi could someone help me with this issue? im on mac and i just downloaded desktop goose. when i opened it nothing happened and it just deleted itself. does anyone know a solution?

how do i disable mud tracks

u cant... :)

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bro is trying to hide rblx studio and rblx with edge chrome and... wait... TWO EDGES? alr.

The Roblox team: bro...

why do you need to hide the names of roblox, google chrome, and some image?

he probably renamed the shortcuts

lmao nice project!

He’s better then my pet :)

hes better than my goldfish

little goose friend has made sitting here and editing videos less tedious, i love himb. would love to see two monitor support as he is only on my main monitor, is this a setting i can toggle?



make for windows

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Can't you read?

omgs I love this!!! this is perfect for my AUDHD.

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He is evil

can i dowload this on a school chromebook

i think its posible but idk i think i have tried lol


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