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Is the source available? I'd love to prank a few colleagues but can't risk any destructive behaviour. 

If you hold escape for a few seconds, it leaves. 

Loved it, just needs multi-monitor support.


i'm having problems with the taskbar being hidden behind windows while the goose is running, would be great if fixed


Would be nice to be able to customize the character itself with custom files


I wonder if there's a way to turn this thing into some cute chibi anime character that walks around the desktop


Or.... you could turn it into Dio.


Super neat!

I love him, he's so cute! Please add an option to make the footsteps/sounds silent if you have the time!

You can open volume mixer to mute him for no

Thank you!


Help, how do you stop the goose. He keeps wandering and I don't know how to deactivate him


you cannot halt him in his quest for total human annihilation

(just kidding, all you do is hold escape)

I found a bug!

If you evict the goose while it is dragging you around, it will continue to hold you, even when they are in the shadow realm.

Getting out of it is as easy as just clicking, but maybe this is something you could look into.


I need this goose (on Mac) please! :P

I agree :<


Can you make this for Chromebook? It would definitely would make browsing less boring lol

I would like to report a bug

If the Goose nab my mouse while I am playing in borderless full screen,  the taskbar will jump out.


please make this for Mac too! I get so bored in clas


you should add a way to give the goose commands e.g.  double click for it to sit (like with a dog) but after a certain amount of time it disobeys and runs around

or even maybe an option where you can chase the goose around with the cursor 

or even make an option for it to have a little pond it can swim in and splash water everywhere?

idk i love this sm tho tysm for your creation

Does this work for dual monitors because I would like my goose to be able to ruin my other monitor aswell



how do you run it please ( with steps im having trouble)

After you download it double click to go inside the files then click on goosedesktop to extract all files. Then after in get's done extracting all of them  go to the new files and double click back to goosedesktop and then when you click on that it will run. after that when you want to get rid of the goose hold down the esc button and on the top left it will show the program closing. hopes this helps.


does this work for chromebook


i wish this was on MacBook :(



Please make this available for people with MacBooks! I love the concept and was really sad when I learned it isn't supported on mac. :(


Would it be somehow possible to have this work as a screensaver? Remember those?

Back in ye olden dayes my fave screensaver was Bad Dog, a dog that'd dig through your recycle bin, rip holes in windows, leave mud everywhere, etc.

A mode that automatically ticks on after 10 minutes and disappears when you hit a key would be fantastic!

I really like the idea of this as a screensaver


When does le goose start doing antics?


Can we add Multi display support? The meme appears on the other screens before its dragged onto the main display? Its great :)

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how do i actually change goose’s aggressiveness, i open config and it says False how do i change it specifically?


i assume it's True/False, if the goose stops working after that just change it to false again


im waiting for the day i can use it on my chromebook ):


Does this work with chromebook? 

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Idea- goose should scroll the page your on randomly

Maybe if your typing something it starts writing stuff?

clicking on goose should do something- maybe flap its wings?

Overall, 10/10. Havent seen a real virtual buddy thing in quite some time

Might you be able to add the dynamic link library: mscoree.dll

in order for the program to run on older versions of Windows?

Trying to put this on my friend's PC but it's running Windows  2000


I got so excited when I saw this, bu when I got on I wasn't able to use the goose because it doesn't support Mac :(

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New feature Idea: When the goose starts chasing your cursor, if you make it spin it should get dizzy for 1-2 seconds.


Does this work on a chromebook?


idk i have a chormebook too and i want to use it


No, it is only for windows.


The whole application doesn't work too well with multiple screens but that'd mean lots of changes. The goose can chase my cursor on my other screen but isn't visible.  


I love this little goose. Only problem is I cant figure out how to get him to make sound. I can hear his little waddles but hes never honked or made the biting noise. How would i fix this? 


I was able to get the sound working, have you checked your computer's overall sound settings?



Just a false positive.

if you look in the comments of the virustotal page I written up the reason av flags it.


I'm dissappointed that i got pretty happy to see this, but it doesn't support mac. Great work with this though, I loved seeing the reactions on twitter :)

this is the best thing


I think you should be able to (very rarely) kill the goose. Then things will move by themselves, you are now haunted by a poltergoose!

I would love it if you were able to take the goose and lock it to a different screen or make it able to travel to multiple screens 

Sounds like bonzi buddy with extra steps lol


i love it even though its being a little brat


Im a bit unfamiliar to this, is it like a game I can turn off at any time? Because if so I am 100% downloading it.

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Yes you can, to exit the game just hold the esc key for about 5 seconds. You will not regret this. Downloading this was the best decision of my life

thank you

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