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this is so cute


bruh i want this but i have a chromebook and its  school monitered

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Help! I accidentally got over 20 geese, and its on a school computer, and I can't get it off! Teacher will kill me!! 

(Edit) Somehow the computer didn't crash, just ended up unplugging it

Hold ESC next time ;)

so u tried my trick? cuz its soooooooooo anoying when a friend finds it. and if u get in trouble, then i feel so sorry for u.



Dekstop goose dislikes dual screen




I love it!!!






I have two monitors and the goose don't move across both properly. An ultrawide option would be nice.


omg this is amazing, a lil annoying since i do school on the computer but still i love it, i love the lil notes and memes goose brings


dude your program and great so that something is missing, the duck could click on the screen with its beak it would be very good and fun (good for less)

clicker mod

old comment but link maybe? also thanks in advance :3

omg i discovered something that is soooo anoying if u do it to your friends! only works on windows, so u spam the desktop goose exe that spawns the goose, and it makes more gooses, and it crashes the computer!!! LMAO!!!

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how did u make it

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Using C# and shapes

So the goose is literally a bunch of circles

uhhh wut?

he made the goose in C#

The goose is a bunch of shapes combined to look like a goose

oooooh ok, but i still dont get what c# is.

C# is a programming language, a programming language is used to communicate with computers and make programs.

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by the way, pls check out my soundtracks! i only have 1 at the moment cuz im new here, but im going to make more!

update: i have five now so thats great!


I hate it 10/10

Deleted 20 days ago
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aaaaaahhhhh... ok Ialredy now how to install free


how pls tell me

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There is a "no thanks" button





I don't gonna pay 2$ toplay it


dont have to


It's free lol

yo lo instalé, borré la carpeta y el ganso sigue en el escritorio, no se como borrarlooo

solo manten la tecla esc hasta que se desaparezca

Modifying the config file does not change anything.

구성 파일을 수정해도 아무런 변화가 없습니다.

Did u restart the goose?

question, why cant i download it?

VirtualBox started, goose installed... fell in love instant <3 Thank you

wont activate for some reason :(

Sometimes when the goose takes my mouse in the Mac version they won’t let go and holding esc does nothing either

The Mac version of the goose WILL never let go
This is not a problem in version 0.3 (windows only)

to get rid of it on mac, u have to double click the goose in the folder that activates it an then select get rid of goose


can i turn it off?

Yes. Hold ESC.



Can you add a feature where the goose brings out a mud bucket and just covers a part of the screen?

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yes! that would be so useful to troll your friends!

I downloaded this on my macbook air and the app stopped responding and took up SO much space on my computer. Now it stopped completely. Partially my fault because I deleted files on accident, but now theres a goose standing in the middle of my screen and a transparent box underneath said goose. I'm very upset right now.

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mac has bug, mouse always can not stop!!! 

i can not control my mouse!!!







你用的是中文系统吧, 用户名有中文也不行

i dont speak pearl harbor attac





How do I start it? It's not downloading, I think? It's just not appearing on my computer ;-;


You have to go into the Desktop Goose folder and run the exe. In order to turn the goose back off, just hold escape.

I did it, but it didn't work, what should I do?

are u on mac or windows?

look on downloads

this is just suggestion but i think it would be cool tp play hide and seek with the goose and i hide the mouse and the goose tries to find it and the goose could hide in like a folder or something lol! 



Can I make a suggestion :000? What about adding a feature that makes him dizzy if you spin him around when he's chasing your mouse?? I feel like that would be a cool and cute feature!


Yes, I agree!

Is it possable to make it so that the goose can drag up any images frome the computer instead of draging a bunch of files to a single folder like a list of folders it can select from including sub folders?

you should make it where the goose in flat like a puddle when you open up your laptop, like he was crushed. then have him just jump up and go back into shape


good suggestion but maybe not in a puddle

cool suggestion!


I hope this will someday come on the app store so i can have a goose waddling around on my phone screan


How do you activate it? I downloaded it, but it doesn't work.

For Windows:

1. Run DesktopGoose v0.3 Extractor.exe

2. Extract to your desktop

3. On your desktop, open the folder DesktopGoose v0.3 and run GooseDesktop.exe

Ok! Thanks!

Why can't I download it because of the Internet.


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restart to delete I think that’s how to delete

no, you hold ESC then it will close

then you just delete the files

that works to

How do I delete this!!!

how do i delete

You need to press CNTRL SHIFT and ESC, then look for "DesktopGoose", after this you just need to click it and press in "finish process". Then you must remember where you've put the file of the Desktop Goose. So you delete it. If you has no autorization to delete cause DG wasn't wanting you to delete it, just let it there, and ignore it

sorry by big font, i was wanting somebody to actually READ it.

thank you i needed to know how to delete it 

it's not working, there's no force quit app include desktop goose

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