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i love it


I love desktop goose.



Do you still have this problem? if you do, then what do you use? windows, mac, linux, chromebook? it only work on windows and mac so far.

i want one but i dont think it works for windows 10 ;-;


i have wonderful news for you

it does for me

It works.

trust me. it covered my screen in memes multiple times

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I want to open the program but I can't find it. When I did find it, it wouldn't open. I thought it was because I needed to update my windows(I really did need to) and I updated it and I can't find the files at all anymore.

(edit) I found the files but it says it's not compatible with my device 

OOOFFF! well... sorry to hear that.


can i turn it off?

you can evict it


Hold ”esc ” or find it in task manager.

how do i get it on laptop

what type of laptop do you have?

How can I silence it

edit config.ini (using wordpad or notepad) and change silencesounds=false to silencesounds=true

Thanks man! I wish I hadsome programming knowledge to personalize this duck even more :D


There is no silencing the goose.


is available for linux/ubuntu?

it is not avaible for Linux. you can try using wine or another program but the goose is not really made to be used on linux. as for ubuntu... Probabbly not.

è assolutamente fantastico solo che una volta ne ho usate 15 contemporaneamente e il mio computer è crollato

I love it!

I absolutely love this. 10/10 masterpiece.


hi! i downloaded it and found the spawner in my files, but when i try to run it no geese appear. i've also tried the 'run as administrator' thing, but nothing. can anyone help? thanks! ^‿^

Did you download the correct version for your operating system?

Yeah, I downloaded the Windows version

how do u download

Is your question still valid? if so then go to this video:


I'm probably easily amused, but I had a lot of fun watching him fill up my screen with memes.

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youre not the only one.


I have divorced parent

uh... okay.... uhm.... sorry to hear that..

Bruh its just a divorced parent

Deleted 2 days ago

I don't know why you're 'sorry to hear that'. You have no right to forgive him for something that you have no say in. It's kinda pathatic you would show such intrusiveness when he has resorted to comments because he has no one to talk to, no where to go.

point is, I like making dumb comments


I streamed myself making some Mona (persona 5) vs Goose  fanart, and it was really fun! Haha thank you so much for making this app and including it in the BRJ bundle. Truly a goose-sperience

Hi there! I'm having a problem getting it to launch. I've tried launching it from the Itch app, I've tried launching it from my desktop shortcut, and running it as administrator. According to Itch, it runs for about a second then stops w/ no indication as to why, and no goose.

Any solutions?

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Open up file explorer, then open the 7z download. Click extract. After that, open  the "desktop goose v0.3" file (will be extracted fom 7z). Then, open "goosedesktop" Do NOT rename the goose spawner or "close goose" wont work. You can change the goose in the "config" file (inside the goose folder). Do what you wish.                                -Helps from, desktopgoose.exe.

this isn't harmfull for my files isn't it?

if your question is still valid it doesnt harm any files.


When looking for the button to turn off the goose I discovered that you can have more than one goose at a time. I wonder how many geese it would take to crash my computer. I love my new children.


Took around 30 to crash my computer lol, but at around 15 my computer started to get slow

I enjoy it, lasts about 3 minutes before I get a driver issue though, seems to mess with my multiple monitor setup. Using a Lenovo ThinkPad W530 and second screen with VGA. Once it moved my primary screen to my external monitor and disabled my laptop's screen, second time it malfunctioned the driver and I had to hard reset. Will be installing on my gaming PC though.

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Wow, it is awesome. This little goose telling me "Good work" really brightened my day. <3


you were right, what a fucking asshole

Can you uninstall the Desktop Goose? I want to know this, because I don't actually want him there forever.


just hold down escape

and the goose will be gone


It's like having a virtual pet . it's so adorable


Good lord, this is amazing. 


linux port when Kappa

It does kinda work with lutris. Slightly glitchy but working!

Loving it! :-)


i have spent days going through the bundle for racial justice and taking note of the ones that seem fun but mr goose here was an immediate requirement and i love him so much

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i cant download it because is has a virus (Avast deleted it )


If you mark it as clean you might be able to run it.

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There is a small layering issue with the beak but other than that, it's probably the greatest program ever created, thank you.


Quick question. How do you make it show up on your screen when playing a game. He doesnt show up while I'm playing my game

try putting your game in windowed mode


Hello! Question on launching the program: when I hit "Launch" in the itch app, it runs "DesktopGoose v0.3 Extractor." I extract the files, but then whenever I hit "Launch" again, it runs the extractor again instead of the goose application itself. Any ideas on how to fix this? I've tried relocating the application to the same folder as the extractor, which prompts the "Launch" button to bring up a choice between running the extractor or the application, but even then, if I select it, the goose does not appear. Please help! Thx :D


The thing that you downloaded is just the extractor, it creates a folder called DesktopGoose v0.3 in the downloads folder, if you use the search bar in file explorer you should find the folder with the goose in, you can the run the GooseDesktop.exe file and, GOOSE


Nice Goose, not very nice program


Goose's behaviour mirrors actual malware, so that result is reasonable.


Love this! Needed the laugh. Adding to the meme folder as we speak. 

I went into the "meme" files and changed them. (Same with the text files)

Anyway, has anybody else done this


i have a quick question, do you think that this program will be available on chromebook?

Chrome OS never runs anything. Stuff has to be made specifically for it to work.


how do i add it to my computer? i never done this before sorry



Hit install in the Itchio app.

i did then nothing happened i checked my files and nothing appeared

i love my goose as if he was my own child. HONK

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I might get this, but first I want to ask, can you turn it off?


yes you can turn it off, there is a file named Close Goose.bat and if this doesnt work u you can still close it with task manager the name in task manager is GooseDesktop.exe  (and im writing this message and in the backround a goose is running over my screen)


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