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im so scare is it virus?


HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAAhahahhahahHAHHAhHAhahAHAHAhAAHahAHAHAHAhahahahhhahaHAHahHAhHAHahahAHa your grammar is terrible HEEEHEOOHOO also no it's not a virus don't be scare

No, dont worry. It isnt a virus and is completely safe

If I download It, can I delete it and remove the goose?

yes, just hold esc to stop it then delete the folder you ran the EXE from

i watched a vid and its not people on youtube say it is but one guy says that they are trolling us


why is it malaware


It isn't lol

it probably got flagged by Windows or another antivirus software. run the app on before using... Windows might let you use it then

hope this helped

Hey i heard this had a virus.. is it safe? Im nervous.

its a virus is what i heard from youtube

youtube is trolling you

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It's not a virus youtubers think it's a virus but they are trying to trick you and make you never download this

This will explain every thing

IT'S NOT A VIRUS, it's your garbo antivirus false flagging it as malware.

use malware bytes instead, it's one of the better ones.

no viruses... hold escape to remove the goose

hi uhm i think my goose is broken cause it just walks off screen and doesnt come back i still hear its footsteps but it doesnt come back hes just been outside the screen for 10 minutes and never did anything then i turned the application off and still didnt come back

He is sooooooo cuteeee!!! , i have named him Timmy.

Ikr! Also you can use a mod if you want the name "Timmy" appears on top of goose.



it wont download for me :(

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If you are downloading from desktop app so that won't work, download the .zip file from the web page.

EDIT: If you are having a pop up saying to pay for something so look at the top and you will find a button named "No thanks, just take me to the downloads" and just click on it, and your file will be automatically downloaded

mine always goes off screen and doesnt come back


i love my boy. named him timothy

lol means laghing out loud


could someone please tell my how to run this on 32 bit windows xp computer? 

I don't think it's supported on XP

or use task manager on windows

you hold escape

to do what?

escape.. the goose


how do I uninstall from Mac

how do i turn it off

Hold ESC





if you open the rainbow strobe file with the application it spawns another goose

What rainbow strobe file?

It is in the mods folder in assets and it's supposed to be a mod that makes your desktop goose become one with the rainbow. To do this, you simply go to config.ini and change Inable Mods from False to True, and you do this by replacing False with True.

Thanks, I shall look into it.

No Problem

what do i hit because it just ses yes to all, no to all, yes and no


open the file once it has been exported through the file explorer sidebar

i tried it and the goose isnt mean enough. how do i add more?

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you can go into the config.ini and then set "AttackRandomly=False" to "AttackRandomly=True" and then it will randomly attack the cursor, if you want you can also set the maximum wandering time to 20s and change the minimum wandering time to 10. Now the goose will do stuff more often and attacks when it feels like. P.S. "config.ini" should be opened with notepad, and don't change the "VersionDoNotEdit=1" or it will be replaced with a new one with default settings because it is "corrupted".

i knew how to do those things. i just wanted more geese. but thanks anyways

download it again! you'll get an additional goose

you dont need to redownload it if you want to spawn multiple, you can just keep opening the goose file. For Windows anyway

So you know that you can just keep double clicking the GooseDesktop.exe file to add more Geese Right?

*facepalm* no i didnt know that. thanks


Dude, I tried playing a shooter game with this goose and it tried to pick up the cursor and move it. It worked and my gun shot towards the other side of my screen. People thought i was aimbotting!

Deleted 64 days ago

Geese are extremely mean, so it wouldn't surprise me if it just started shooting people

Can we have linux edition please?

It works out of the box on wine

okay. i dont really know about wine but will it run on the linux desktop envirovment or wine envirovment?

how do you end this madness!!!


just delete the file


just delete the file

there's a batch file in the file you opened it from, it's called Close Goose

Hold ESC to evict goose (ESC stands for EvictS Goose)


make one for raspberry pi or linux i want it :|

idk how to do it soooooo


i cant get past extraction so no goose for me ;-;


Extract it to a folder besides the download folder

Can you turn it off in an emergency?


there's a batch file called Close Goose in the folder you extracted the program in


After messing around the the duck a bit I wanted to see what it could do in 24 hours so I let it do its thing for a full day and when I came back it was amazing how many duck memes there were and then I figured out that you could add multiple ducks so I added 24 so the ducks could do in an hour what it takes one duck to do in a day then I added at this point my computer was almost on fire so I cooked an egg on it ate the egg while I watched my computer burn so I cooked some marshmallows over it wow I did not know computer marshmallows tasted so good I am currently typing this on a friends computer, just thought I should share my experiences with the amazing ducks. 10/10 amazing everyone should download this just do not do it 24 times.

this is virus but he is ASSHOLL


I was able to edit the color of the mud prints the goose left on my screen on macOS. Can I still do that on Windows?

it isn't a virus, you can close it at will and it doesn't do any real damage to anything except slow down your pc until you stop the program

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it's not a virus i know my antivirus doesn't detect it tho, it's not a virus.

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Youtubers are trying to trick you into thinking it's a virus and it's not a virus.


One should be made for chromebooks as i really wanted this but it turns out it isnt made for my computer :(

he can't for 2 reasons:

1. Chromebook is a WEB BASED os. 

2. Visual Studio can export to web, But desktop goose would be tricky to convert since it has a transparent layer + it's sepposed to run on your desktop, Not a browser window

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How would it be with Linux? Chrome Os has support for running Linux executables. Also you could try to run it with wine or mono.


A clippy one though


ca u make one for crome book


you cannot download things like games and stuff on a chromebook because no engines support it because chrome is a web bases OS meaning no downloads support it. so no he cannot.

To turn him off either open task manager and end the task manually or press Alt+F4


Just hold your ESC, or escape, button. No need for that fancy-smancy.


how do i turn him off after im done


Just hold your ESC, or escape, button.

there's a batch file called Close Goose in the folder you installed him in, open it and he will stop

For mac users, go to finder and open the file with the goose, and either delete the file or close it


How do you get rid of it

you D O N T


its a joke just hold esc

Task Manager -> desktop goose -> end process

como que exclui ele


Honestly the best thing I´ve ever downloaded. She´s so cute!!

It* there is no gender.

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Mine is a she

and her name is Goosanne


i just got it finnallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy after trying for a month his name is squoop and he is my favorite child

it could be cool, when u listen to music on your pc then the Gosse just sits down and vibes with you while you listening to music

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