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where my goose


where is my damn goose


How do you get him off the screen


In the files there is an off switch

In the files there is an off switch-Lachlan B. You can hold Esc key to get rid of him!-Me.

hold down esc


Linux version pleeeease

Everything about this! 'Tis delightful!


Isn't this in that "I downloaded a goose virus" video?


yeah but its not a virus.. they wouldnt be that stupid to install a virus on their computer

But I remember seeing a video where they downloaded this (Or a rerelease of it, illegally) and they got malware or something


there is a different goose virus, but this is not the same one. the one a person downloaded had the goose assets from "untitled goose game" if you download this one or watch a video on it, it looks way different from the goose virus

ohh.. i didnt know.

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All my questions have been answered.

make it so that you can configure options, pls:)


someone said this can delete files can it?


If you install the wrong mod it can.


if u close his windows, he gets mad. i like it.


I LOVE this! my goose is absolutely amazing! my only recommendation is that you can pet him too :), other than that this guy's absolutely amazing!


no it catches your pointer if


I have already an untitled goose game problem I don't want anymore and AND THIS TIME THE MOUSE WILL CONTROL


I added him to my steam library so now I can turn him on and off as I please.


how did you do that?


Go to steam, click “Add non-steam game” then find the exe file from the download and choose it. 


where is add non steam game


it should be in the bottom left corner of the screen but just so you know it only appears if you download the app from the website.

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when I turn him on there are two ducks and when i turn him off its back to one

This software of yours seems pretty funny, I'd like to use it to prank colleagues leaving their windows session open!
I see that we can name our price: Would you consider releasing the source code of the Windows version? I would like to review the code before using it for pranks (conscientiousness: not installing potentially dangerous code on someone else's computer)

Thanks in advance for considering open sourcing it!

I can tell you with absolute certainty that this doesn't have dangerous code. I think someone by now would've found something if this did have any dangerous code. If you still want to find out, well the creator isn't active on this page I believe since the last update was a year ago. I'd recommend going to his discord and asking there.



how do these desktop things work?

i like it :)

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no offense but there is not enough agression and chaos, it's hilarious, but I have some suggestions, can you add an option to increase the running speed? it's amazing. i recorded a video using this.

edit: sorry for the edit after 15 minutes. but i just now realised that you can change the speed of the goose.


This thing kinda sucks because I cant get rid of all the goose, i tried deleting the file but it says theirs something still open which is probably the goose. sorry man 1/5 rating


You need to read the readme file, it clearly says you have to mantain esc pressed to evict the goose

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Hold esc then it will close

when i try to open the program it crashes plz help i want my duck :(



Yes He's Right Goose. 

sorry i get mixed up when im panicking


wasnt this a virus


It can be considered unwanted which is sometimes considered malware


yes but i thought this used to be an adware virus

Adware? I never heard anything like that, you may be right though.


unwanted ads. such as pop ups in google or something

No, I know what adware is but I mean I've never heard of this application being used as it.

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it never happend to me


I think this is a remake without the illegal junk and stuff


It Is Not Compatible With Chromebooks. It Says: This Is Made For Windows Software.


Could You Make An Option For Chromebook? Thank You.

There’s no android or chromebook version of it because this project uses .NET which is incompatible with Android and Chromebook.

Ok, I Just Wanted To Put It On My Chromebook. Thanks For The Information!

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Enable GNU/Linux compatibility and use Wine


It runs fine on Wine on my machine.

Yeah, it does. Works great on Wine + Xorg (didn't tested on Wayland).
Although there's some minor bugs like the meme windows not moving out of the corner and some sounds not playing

What Exactly Is Wine?

I'm Getting Wine Now...


how do i turn it on i downloaded both but nothing happed

“Extract all” from the zip file and find the exe file within the folder.

Thank you for creating this, I love him. The pattering of his little feet makes me so happy.

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Deleted 83 days ago

a report and block for your account

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Do you ?


EE its so cute even though its such a pain in the arse. It's so fun whenever I'm alone or lonely all I do is work having the little goose bring me memes in installments.

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Hey, I'd like to report a bug I found where if you have two monitors goose is invisible on one of them if you lead him over there. Also if he drags anything from that direction of the other monitor it instantly puts the image on that monitor and drags it to the main one.

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Read the FAQs here


Any plans to make a Linux version?
I know it's hard to be compatible with both Xorg and Wayland, but an Xorg or Wayland-exclusive implementation would be better than nothing.


Yes, it would be much appreciated, there are linux users that would like this


It'd be really cool. I have a linux laptop I can test it out on if you need help. Also, Wayland would be the better route, since everyone is shifting towards that anyways(just my two cents)

As i remember, Wayland doesn't support absolute window position, so only Xorg would be possible, unless if you do some hacky tricks

well that sucks. Good luck.

My offer for linux testing still stands btw


it -> that; would -> should; , there -> ; there; linux -> Linux; that -> who

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Linux’s fragmented way of handling drawing desktops that (Xorg, Wayland) among the many other compositors and desktop environments may make this difficult.


cough cough XPenguins cough cough

will you ever update this?


Is there any way to turn it off when there are apps in full screen?

Press and hold ESC


someone pls help me






use the itch app the hit lanch and copy the path

go to the path and run the exe


why can't I download it


qwerty12135 days ago

well, you need to go to downloads, click on the file then double click on the image of the goose, done!



how to trap the duck?!

Use mods


how do i get rid of it

well, you need to go to downloads, click on the file then double click on the image of the goose it will bring you to a platform, then press quit at the bottom left


you can hold the esc buttom

press ESC for 5 seconds

cool goose

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