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so cooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllll

i can't download it


EN/ I installed this little duck to play fall guys it was very fun

FR /J'ai installé ce petit canard pour jouer les gars d'automne c'était très amusant


I named him Harold Machiavelli the third. hes like the son that i love and would never get rid of....that I hate in a love him way


it hasn't a virus, it is safe unless you are allergic to assholes

I wish there is a way to trap it or something too chase it

guys i'm still asking for duck goose till 2021

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This is more than totally stupid but . . . how do I start it? I installed it and the goose behaved atrociously as expected. I camped out on the ESC key and he (finally) went away. But a new day has dawned and I'm trying to find out how to start him again. There's nothing in the config.INI file about it. Do we have to install it to run it?

Meanwhile, please tell me he won't eat/steal/etc. the birds, flowers, et al from my meadow.

ok so how do i delete it bc it says it is a virus(my brother will be MAD) and i cant move it anywhere its not a folder its the extractor

How long is the plushie available for? And what do you mean by "bonus fun"? So it's exclusive to those who bought the toy? 

It's ran through makeship, i believe it is a limited run so you can buy before the end date but after that you can't, so as of writing this 19 days to buy it


is a virus

nope. there's a file called closegoose.bat and it will close the goose + the goose cant cause real harm + it cant spread.


incase any one is wondering, this little jerk works via wine (im running arch w/ kde x11) 

It's buggy but it works. I'm using KDE with X11 too.

idk what to do i cant find the file to open up the goose

%appdata% > roaming > itch > apps > goose boi 





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hjonk  HJONK!!!  HJONK!!!



Amazing! Its really fun to play with that little piece of sh*t
Thanks for making this masterpiece :3


can i download this on my phone, if yes, then how will i turn it off (im on a mobile phone)


this question looks like someone found a way to do it and now it a chaos

no. sadly you cant


I just wanted to make this comment for anyone who is worried because their antivirus is detecting this as a virus/malware. Malware is technically anything that messes with your computer "without your permission." That is exactly what the goose does, however, you are fully aware of it, but this does cause it to read as malware for some antiviruses. It is completely safe

Deleted 15 days ago

Add an exception in your antivirus settings

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how do I download this on iPad ?

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can I download this on iPad? 

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it's optional to pay for


im gonna regret this.


I Did Not.

where's the 32bit version?


If i get this how do i turn it off


hold escape and it will close

yeah idk how to turn it off-

it didn't work

u just run closegoosedesktop.bat

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Hey, if I download is there an off button for the goose?

Yes, there is. If you go to downloads and then DesktopGoose v0.3 you should see a file that says Close Goose. You just need to click on that, and the goose should dissapear.


no. goose is forever.


just hold the escape key and it will close


 i scanned the file with virustotal and it told me this had malware and a trojan in it? idk if its true or not though someone tell me please


It's not a virus, some antivirus detects it as as virus, but it's not (this is why youtubers call this a virus)


are you certain?


 a ton of ppl prank their friends with it and it is annoying but no it is not a virus


malware is technically anything that messes with your computer "without your permission," so it will say it is a virus, but it is not. It's completely safe, you can easily get rid of it, it will just scan as a virus due to its nature as something that messes with your computer.


how many flags? they aren't false positives if it's over 20.


this virus

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no, is not

its not your antivirus is wrong

it counts as a "spyware" and it of course will count as a virus but it isnt. the "spyware" only uses for stealing the mouse and that's it (and tracking the mouse also)


So uh- 

how do i delete the goose

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task manager

hold esc

this is the most cutes things ever! my best friend


if one more person says it's a virus i'm going to explode


its a virus im going to explode


first friend in my live


how do I change the colors of the goose?

Read the changelog, just replace .goos with .ini .

I did.

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I downloaded it and found out how to get 2 gooses. you have to copy and paste the app so you have 2 of the app and activate both of them.

Or just launch the app multiple times

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Its so fun

I adore thi

this a virus?


yes it is


realy oh sh*t

no you stuped. It's not. It counts as a spy ware!11! but it isnt

it's not

i accidentally made two geese on my screen and when i try to delete them it only deletes one of them :( help?

nvm i got it


it contains malware because the modding is not official at all and some files are viruses, for remove the goose you simply hold esc 


how does one *ehem* disable him without uninstalling? I just wanna play slime rancher man.


HAHA Just hold the escape key to evict the goose.

Ohhh thanks so much! Now I can play my games without goose-y interruptions.


No problem xD That goose can be a real asshole


it keeps on saying this app is a spyware

It's just because it has to track your movements and AV programs can't tell the difference between that and spyware.

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