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I can finally feel somewhat loved


how do i turn it off help it wont stop harrassing me it has access to every electronic device in a 20 mile radiu

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(he can rather be silly sometimes😮)

real fun...feels like he's really living on my desktop

gonna wait for more memes or more actions :O I like random crap showing up

And here I thought the sheep.exe would be my fav. desktop pet ever. Guess I was wrong.

This is epic. :D

Hello how are you, I just want to know if this has a virus.

Ok, I already scanned this in total virus and I don't know if the positives that it has a virus are real, here is the link:

It's a joke virus, the most it can do is annoy you to death. I can't harm your computer.

You can actually annoy the goose by spinning around while your cursor spins around him like a loop! If you do that enough, he can get annoyed!

also it only works when you close a program the goose did on your desktop

I installed this on my teachers computer when he let me use it

but how to delett it?

hold escape key

what escape?

on the top left of your keyboard, duh.

it dint work imao nvm i delet the folder

Ok, What's the source code?


not a virus completely safe :] just fun goos

On startup, i know it honks. is there a specific file for that or does it just pull from the ones in the sound folder?

Also can i put in my own, as long as i name it correctly?

i love himm, perfect for boring lectures

What Genre of App would this even be?! XD


add more things you can do with him like activities


ı ran it again when it was already ran and now i have to geese


nevermind I just went to task manager

hold up how do I end the goose application

Hold Escape key.. it's in the README 😅

I typed a reminder on how to kill him in front of him lol


cpu go gas gas gas


You touch his tabs and he comes after your ass


funni  duck virus!!!!!11 very scary…..


Please make more of the plushies. I didn't even know about this goose software until I saw a YT video of it today. When looking for how to download it, I found this site, and saw you were selling plushies of it. I was thinking about buying it, but noticed it was already sold out.


Pls make a google browser version. It would be epic.



Great fun, wish it worked with several monitors though


how do you open up the file

im new to computers lol


Double click the file.

im installing on windows and it cannot read build or something like that. is there a way to fix this?



is there any way you can make a chromebook version? I would love to get it for the chromebook I'm using, but both currently available files dont work with chromebook, so I want to figure out a way to make it work but I can't find anything=


idk im not him but i program on maybe i could make a scratch version just... what soes desktop goose di idk what he does and i don`t want to download it cuz im scared of him grabbing my mous


does not soes

best game *hjonk

this amazing

the windows version dosent work :(


Please make a linux version

it can't be worse than developing for mac lol


how do i edit the goose?


go the file called "config.ini" and open it with notepad. Then you can edit it (Not fully tho. Sadly)

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Now make it for Linux and if you don't give me the source code so I can

I wish the goose was more chaotic and evil

Where did the official site go?


No linux version? :'(

so fun omg

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