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I have extracted the folder and have the folder + all the files. but thereis no file called DesktopGoose.exe Can anyone help me? 


you have to go in the folder stupid

what do i do

im trying to download for windows i meet all the requirements but it keeps giving me an extractor that does nothing

im experiencing the same problem :(

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Have you tried runinng the extractor? and if you did run it then search in downloads for a folder called ”DesktopGoosev0.3” and run ”GooseDesktop”. if the folder doesnt appear then... i dont know how to help. it never happened to me.

yeah im literally not getting thr folder nor the extractor. it says i played for one minute but it never ran? i think it closes right after i launch. o well :( i bet its a fun app tho lol

Love this, and I wanted to try playing a game such as League while he's on, but sadly he eats up all of my CPU. Using Discord is a struggle, as the experience is choppy and unresponsive. Open Task Manager and the goose has 30% of my CPU

please ubuntu


i used wine, but as everyone knows, wine is shit

also, try installing Oracle VM Virtualbox

Ya know you can add up to 15 before your computer crashes (I only have 3 and their names are Alpha, sir.squaks, and Monopoly

mah boi frozen and has been frozen for a couple days-


top ten reasons the goose is NOT an asshole

1. Even though the goose takes your cursor, it always gives it back.

2. When the duck tracks mud on your screen, it always cleans it up.

3. the goose is always happy to play with you.

4. it constantly gives you good messages like a typed goose or "Good work"

5. It gives you nice memes to keep your spirits up.

6. that's all, I cant think of anything else, i'll never get to ten.

(+8) can play with it by making it go in circles when it is trying to take your mouse

7. freaking derpy

8.Its the people that just have a negative mindset

9. keeps me from going insane

10. keeps me on my feet if I don't want my cursor taken


i guess that too.


you're welcome. :)


nvm, he sucks. He caused my computer to crash. I hate him.




Love my goose (I made my goose a she feminist here XD)

She leaves me good job messages which is nice bc online school is Hell 2.0

I'm excited to try the untitled goose game


You're right, online school is absolute hell


ikr I met someone who thought itwas ok. I'm like, do you have brain damage?

Deleted 49 days ago

not to be dramatic or anything but I would give my life for him. btw I've named him dave.




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After stealing my mouse it'll run off and never come back until I restart it. I can still hear it's footsteps when it disappears, this is on mac. Please fix.

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hey my goose sometimes walkes of the screen to never been seen again. and it also takes my mouse and never let go so I have to force reset my Mac HELP

i dont have money it says free aaaaaaaa!


This goose-sperience is free but the developer accepts your support by letting you pay what you think is fair for the goose-sperience.

No thanks, just take me to the downloads


choose this|


how do I turn the sound down?


turn down your volume idiot


he's epic (or she i call him Joseph) i love playing roblox with it <3


i cant make the windows version work, everytime i try to download it, it just turns it into a 7z file or something. pls help

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Please make a chromebook version plzzzz


Yes. pleeeeease make a chromebook version. the only Mac's my family has are my brother and moms computers. and the only windows computer we have is my grandmas and she'll probably get annoyed by it and delete it

The entire point of chromebooks is they only run chrome, not other programs like Desktop Goose. A chromebook version is literally impossible.

yeah, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plssssssssss pleaseeeeeeeeee


please and thank yo

The entire point of chromebooks is they only run chrome, not other programs like Desktop Goose. A chromebook version is literally impossible.

The whole point of chromebooks is they can only run chrome, which means they can't run Desktop Goose. 

GooseDesktop.exe - Application Error
The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application. 

this happened?? i double clicked the goose but it doesnt wanna start?? help???


that isn't a funny joke


Before I download this, is there a way to disable him?


I asked that same question

Contact the discord if you need answers, they created him


hold down ESC to turn him off

that isnt working for me

evict goose NO!


yes, idiot

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hey samperson can you make a controllable desktop avatar version



My friend named mine, they named him Berry Jerry

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"First, we had Untitled Goose Game. Then, a desktop version, but now, It is in Minecraft. It's a goose. We have a goose. -Fundy, on the video "So I added the Goose to Minecraft..." 

 just on a note, no critiques, is there any way I can remove the goose boi? 

just wanted to know before I download this little honker

but as always, stay safe bois



yes you can, idiot


ok, no need to be such a dick bro.

go kys you miserable sack of shit


nah but you ask such a retarded question

at least i asked a question that is less retarded than you

why are  so disrespectful to everyone in all your comment's.

I keep trying to download the windows version, but when I go to click on the download, it suddenly says removed.  I check my downloads and the download was deleted??  I can't figure out how to download it, help!

bruh moment

idk keep retrying?

I actually had this problem with shimejiee

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shut down  your device and then retry

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Pls make a way to communicate with the Goose. PLEASE!!!!!!

like, in the settings you can open a window where he types and you can type to "talk" to the goose


BOIS, I GOT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!
he is awesome

good job man :)

he sure is- HEY! MY MOUSE! dang...


 can you make this for google chromebook os please right fucking now? please?


Ngl but chromebook sucks.

can you NOT say that word. there are KIDS on this website.

The entire point of chromebooks is they only run chrome, not other programs like Desktop Goose. A chromebook version is literally impossible.

i can instal it on a bad usb


fucking cant get the shitty goose on my windows 11 pc fucking piss


can you NOT say that word. there are KIDS on this website.

Hah! Love this! So funny! I love it when he steals my mouse. How does it work? Oh darn hes tracking mud right now. HA!


you are the best human ever, I LOVE IT



You need to find the file in your explorer, then click on the green goose icon. Hope this helps!

explorer? what do you mean? 

So I have the itch app, and if I right click on an app, a menu appears with different options. One of them is "open in explorer". If you click that, open the goose file, then click on the green square goose icon, a goose appears. I recommend to make a shortcut and put it on your desktop so you don't have to do this every time you want to see the goose. Hope this is a better explanation. Note that I am on a Windows computer, and not a Mac.

i got it, thanks:)

i cant, i have extracted it five times and it didnt work, no folder appeared, please help me, i need the goose

hello, i cant download it, please help me

how do i activate it

go into your downloads folder section thing, click on DesktopGoose V0.3 once in there will be a file called GooseDesktop, double click on that and itll appear


your anti viruses are making false reports, this isnt a virus-

if this happening you may have to run the file as admin




That's not a virus. All antivirus programms don't think,  that it's a virus!


shut your fucking mouth you braindead retard

can you NOT say that word. there are KIDS on this website.


Its not a virus, its just your computer doesn't like it


does anyone realize that this is technically like a virus? reminds me of desktop butterflies. yeah! so "fun" and "cute" xD

Deleted 60 days ago

you're really fucking dumb aren't you? You shouldn't have a computer in the first place with a brain as numb as that. Go into the folders and read the section that very clearly says "read me! honk" dumbass

hey soggy, can you help. still having issues finding it!

it should be right at the bottom of the folder, if not there you mya have to either look it up or redownload the goose

can you NOT say that word. there are KIDS on this website.

Oh, I'm so sorry dude, I didn't mean it.


don't hate on exceptional projects just because you can't read

currently writing this while a CERTAIN goose is tracking mud on my sentence. i named him bernard

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