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omg so cute

Can I mute my Goose, I still want you watch my Netflix without them lil footsteps and "honk"'s.

There is already a mute ability, set the sound volume to zero

he means as in so he can watch it on his PC, again, go into the read me section and itll tell you ther


press Esc for a bit then it will go away


I gave two geese on my screen, I need help because they're taking over my laptop.  I have lost control 

go into the read me sectio


i have problem when trying to use ... show me mucho error like this

i got the same error, but isnt something you should worry about, just reset your pc

Windows 10 x64

//if you do NOT rename the sound file along the path *: \ DesktopGoose v0.3 \ Assets \ Sound \ Music to "Music.mp3", "the process of isolating graphs of Windows audio devices" (audiodg.ехе .) causes memory overflow and crash system

goose man

como ago que funcione porue me aparece error



what i make when appears "desktopgoose v0.3" extractor?


If you dont know how to disable goose desktop... Well here you go




how do i disable it on mac pls tell



this should help ;D

Is anyone else having issues getting it to work on windows 7? Every time I try and open it I get this message 

omg, me too :((( idk how to fix it

Search for ".NET Framework  4.0 Download"

After you download and install that, the Goose should open

but we would keep the 32bit version of the goose


i would like a 64bit version of the desktop goose for windows

I ran this on Windows 10 64 bit OS and it still works PERFECTLY!

Literally the bast app ever

so long and still no update T_T


Couple of things I would like to see the goose do:

-Have it watch videos or Netflix with me

-Get upset if I close a certain browser

-Be able to give it random items to interact with

There is a mod called "ToysMod v1.1" that adds a bed, laser pointer, a ball, and a stick. Can be found at

cool game. doesn't work on my second monitor tho. He chases my mouse and drags in around on the second screen, but he doesn't actually show up

I like the idea of having a little friend walking around. I'd love to see this continue to be expanded. I'd like if the goose went away some times, and then came back when you forgot about them.

 I'd much rather have a goose cause trouble than a paperclip try to help.

kool desktop goose uwu this is great!

idk what im doing wrong but i cant get it to work, ive redownloaded it like 3 times.

here's how you do this:

(1 edit)

im stuck i extracted it from the file and clicked yes to all now what

click the green file

i have a problem evry time i try to open desktop goose it always crashes please help me


how do u open it?

Somebody should make a mod that lets you type responses in the not-epads that the goose brings out. It'd be pretty cool if it could react to basic yes/no's at the very least.

I've never made a mod before, but I could try that out. I've made a chatbot and I could use some of it's features


There's a few anti-virus vigilantes that patrol these comments, and I can assure you: it's not a virus. It does exactly what it says what it will do, and features lots of customization features. Anti-virus programs may give you a false positive, but that's just because not many people have downloaded the program. It's a fun little thing to play with.

can you also make it for chrome OS it wont let me download it because of it Thank you


So the little guy crashed my internet i needed to restart my router and pc then uninstall the little guy and then it started working


Cant say how to stop this from happening but dont use youtube with this horror


For those who want to get rid of him without deleteing the file itself, just press ctrl+shift+alt to open the tast manager and end desktopgoose.exe


They literally give you a batch file that says "Close Goose" right on it.

wish it could learn about you like an AI and try to find certain ways to annoy you but that would be hard to do im guessin lol




it locks your cursor, shows you pictures of geese, and the only way to get rid of it is to delete the folder it came in and empty bin.

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Uh, no. You can hold the escape key to end/kill the goose.


its... supposed to do that...

im hoping this was a joke


did you read the description

Not every single program in the world is supposed to help you do something. Some programs are just to make you laugh or annoy you


everything you've described is exactly what the creator says it will do. Not exactly why you were expecting something else.





i need help i cant find what to do  i opened the 7zip file and pressed "extract" then press "yes to all" what do i do now


go to the file whre it has been extracted an open the green file.


it works fine, its not a virus and its a very very fun software to download

(1 edit) (-3)

it is very much a virus

wdym lol

not a virus

Hey guys,
nice tip for u guys who do multitasking on your computer,

when the goose brings up the not-epds, use them as post it notes!

windows wont add the feature in sticky notes for a long time anyways lol.

There's a Notes app in Windows 10, and there are Sticky Note apps in Windows 7

(1 edit)

i know

but it aint as convinient as not-epad lol


i searched it up and literally it says it could possiably contain a virus.bbbrruhhhh. BUT LIKE, I DIDNT EVEN DOWNLOAD ANYTHING ITS JUST THERE BEING ANNOYING.


It does contain a virus don't download it


and thats my point i didnt download nothing at all i didnt know anything about this goose thing until now.


The person is lying you know


Dude, its a 7zip file.Its self extracting.It does the job on its own.

Go to the folder where it extracted it and run the .exe file.

i didnt even download anything and nobody has been on this computer for a few days. and i was trying to do online school and it just popped up biting my mouse whenever the goose would go off the screen and pull a little photo out i would delete it and then he would bite my mouse.


If you downloaded it delete it immediately it's a virus


how is it a virus


it locks your cursor, shows you pictures of geese, and the only way to get rid of it is to delete the folder it came in and empty bin.


i made an account just so i can tell you, 1 its supposed to bite your cursor and bring it off screen, 2 its supposed to give you funny memes, 3 you can just hold escape to evict him



dont worry, most people believe its a comp virus, even i thought it was one too

not only does it go away when you hold escape, there's a .bat in the folder it comes from that closes the goose program

theres no folder that it came in and when i press  esc it goes away but then when i turn off my computer and turn it on its there and it just gets annoying.

search desktop goose in finder and three things should come up. one is the folder

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Could you please shut up, this is a self extracting archive so people dont need 7 zip, i tried it and its not a virus, it juts extracts a folder where you can start and stop the goose, and by the way, 2 of the 4 "virus" results on virustotal literally say its a f***ing joke



why you all maddddd lmao im dead.



It ain't a virus guys

how do I delete it

i dont get it it says its downloading but it wont show up

i downloaded it and it wont show up and why does it keep asking me to extract my files????


Delete it it's a virus

y u guys say its a virus?!?!?

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I did a virus checker website and it definitely has a virus

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the f****** virus checks were jokes he put in because of how much this thing makes everyone think of bonzi buddy. look at the "virus" filename before going to point fingers

can you NOT say that word. there are KIDS on this website.

Deleted 10 days ago

it means you have to use an app to extract the files so you can open it. then if you go into the extracted files there is an application, double-click it and the goose will be on your desktop

this is beacause its a zip file.

If you use any other 7zip file opener like winzip , it will show you the contents.

though i'm not really sure if winzip opens 7zip.

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