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I downloaded it on a Chromebook but can't seem to get it to work. Does it not work on Chromebooks?


Probably, because I tried it on my Chromebook too and it didn't work.


It's not supported on Chromebook


Where do you go to install mods?




Where did you find this, do you have the source code for this software?



Thank you! This is awesome!

(1 edit) do i get rid of the goose

Hold esc.

How do you remove the memes/notepad texts?

Also, how do you make it not grab your mouse?

(1 edit)

It has to.

Download goosemanager

Or change the config file

Press the red x icon..

Download GooseManager 

ey kurwa jak tą gęś uruchomić bo mi nie działa xc


Hello, I am a Chinese. Could you please tell me how to change the goose sound?




The goose's sound is the same as any country, tho..

He wants us to tell him in Chinese because he doesn't know english


Stfu loooooser xd


Chinese friends do not put my QQ ,,,,, to join this QQ group 815359191, group file has what you want, but if there is a problem, come to me, happy.


yes lol

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it whould  be great if you could ineract with goose like drag it around and knock it over

You can drag it around

There's a mod called Dragoose

And there is a mod called ToysMod

I just downloaded the goose but do I need to do something to see it ? or it just going to appear on my screen ? Thanks for your help!

No u just run goosedesktop.exe


Is it possible do download it for phone if not could u please make it happen because I love the concept of desktop goose but I dont have a laptop to download it on


It would not work because

1. memes will take up to much space

2. Won't work well because you don't have a mouse

3. Battery would die fassstttt

4. Too much ram being used

5. Would slow down the performance

6.  Screen is too small


Poor Linux...


Linux is shit


Google servers youtube servers all kinds of servers are being Run on Linux


The flippin' WORLD runs ou Linux (used to be Unix...but Linux is kinda the same thing).  Android is Linux.  It's in your phones. Almost all new TVs.  Almost all major servers on the internet, in the world, run on Linux.  The internet was built on Unix/Linux.  The C programming language was created to help buid Unix (and the without the C programming language, no major programs, such as all versions of Windows, MacOS, all major video game engines, all major professional creative software like Photoshop etc, etc, etc. etc. - all would not exist). 

No, Linux doesn't suck.  Do yourself a favor and research Unix, Linux, and C.   Don't be ig'nant.  :)

Ah yes roasted


use WINE



I also downloaded the goose on my school laptop his name is Steve he will love me forever and i will love him back. I love him more then my brother!

i downloaded this on my school laptop & now mr. goosey goose is my little mistake :o) p.s i love him so much he is my best friend we eat lunch together :)

Will this  ever be on Chromebook?



That isn't possible. Chromebooks can only run Chrome, which means they can't run other programs like Desktop Goose.


Suggestion: Maybe add the option to choose from different animals like a Shark, a Cat, a Dog?

But still make them simple like the goose. Don't use tooo many shapes and details.

yes! that would be so cool! someone plz do that!

There should be a dysfunctional moose because that's what my mom calls the untitled goose

i wish there was a shark version of this lol

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ooh yea great idea

How did you make this? I'm just curious.

He used C# to make this

(1 edit)

Oh okay, what kind of programs can I use to program in C#?

I use Unity 2019 for my games

(it uses c#)

Visual Studio (about 2GB for C#)

i accidentally downloaded 2 goose on my school laptop but cant find the thing to quit the second goose    help!

Hold ESC

were my goose 

when you download it you have to extract it and then run the exe file

Where is My Desktop goose I download it got everything but he is not showing up

you have to run the program (goosedesktop.exe) in the folder

Deleted 84 days ago
Deleted 83 days ago


Is there a way to change the audio files to obiwan saying hello there instead of honking?

Yes. The files are in Assets/Sound/NotEmbedded

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how do I acess that on mac

don't think its supported on mac...

Will be supported on V0.3 for Mac though

how do you name the goose

There's a mod for it called ShaggysNametagMod






你在用Visual Studio吗?






i cant turn it on. i downloaded it for windows 10 on an acer nitro 5 and it just gave me the extraction thing. i extracted it, then it downloaded it (I Think) but i dont know how to activate it. it wont show up in any of my files or anything. its just gone. the extraction file is still there and i have tried installing it multiple times but the same thing happened again. Please Help!!! This Is Kinda Bugging Me Because I Really, Really Want This. Thanks!

when you open the file just press the DesktopGoose putton roughly in the middle of the list with the green pic next to it and it ativates

ahh i need help, so for some reason after i held down esc on my goose he never came back. i kept re-downloading him and he still wont work. i checked almost everything when it comes to his accessibility and if my computer blocked it or something, but nothing is working. please help!




man i wish there was a chrome version.

That isn't possible. Chromebooks can only run Chrome, which means they can't run other programs like Desktop Goose.


im trying to delete him

hold escape


bro where linux vershun @?

lol i love him

(1 edit) (-1)

i also want beeg text

edit: for not goose plz teach me


What a annoying little goose!


Hi, I am a student from China, your software is very popular in China, I personally like to write code, I want to know what you use to make this game, because China has network restrictions, so please contact me with an email address, thank you!

(2 edits)

He used C# to make this.
Download a program called "dnSpy" to edit and decompile the code
(I'm also a chinese student programmer by the way (python C# C++))

Nice.Thank you.I like c and python !


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微信号是 RH1010RH


wow amazing!


wanna be friends?

(1 edit)


Deleted 86 days ago









Why u speaking image language and XD language looser


I tried to install it but I cant figure out how to


this is an amazing suggestion, PLZ make a cat like this goose but make it an adorable cudly very nice friend instead of an adorable as hole! PLEASSSSSSSSSSE!!!!!!

i could make one
i could just edit the code lol

really!?!? plz plz please make my suggestion!

ok I'll try

(1 edit)

omg thx!!!

i want a shark version

nice one


Are you going to make it for linux? Preferably Debian, so us chromebook users can have him. Ive been planning on covering this on one of my live streams.

two things. Im really hoping that mods will be available for mac soon. also, could you make there be a way that my frend has more outlines so he doesn't look like a cursed tic-tac while facing forward?



thiccness you mean~


just asking, is there a way to privately chat on


discord: Error.No-Internet#5106

it already is available for mac like bruuuuuuh!


i want mods to be  available for mac

it's not available for mac


Deleted 85 days ago
(1 edit)

oops i thought he meant the desktop goose

Do you know "rush b"?hahaha,csgo

Would you please make a version for raspberry pies!!?? i would deeply appreciate it since i only have a pie!!! please please please!!! i beg you ill even donate 5 bucks!!!! please!!!!

(1 edit) (+2)

This is for the creator of desktop goose. I be a sad Chromebook user, as you can see in my username. I'm sad because the desktop goose isn't compatible with a Chromebook! I got desktop goose on my school computer and I love him! Please work on making desktop goose compatible with Chromebooks and once you do email me at . Email me the day it comes out!! I'll be looking for it! Thanks for reading this and taking it into consideration. 

Thanks so much to everyone who helped create desktop goose. What you have created with your knowledge and skill of programing is incredible. Thank you for all your time effort in making desktop goose for people to enjoy and have a little companion when doing work! Keep up the good work! 

not a good idea to leave your email online


If anyone unknown contacts email me I will immediately block them out of my system. I’m hoping people are kind enough to not spam emails to me.

eh, i mean i guy from russia is trying to claim the entirety of SCP for himself so, people will most likely spam, but there are good people out there.

i am a good people 😊

good person you mean

That isn't possible. Chromebooks can only run Chrome, which means they can't run other programs like Desktop Goose.

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