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wonderful :DDD

wow ok


I love it thanks creators bless your soul! My lil goose will be great on my PC!


I have a chromebook


pliiiis how you can eliminate the goos


Hold ESC


mine won't go away

Are you on Mac?
If ur on mac, open the terminal and type

Killall "Desktop Goose"

If ur on windows then type

taskkill /f /im goosedesktop.exe /t

end task

a much easier option (without having to wait for the ESC) is opening/clicking on  the bat file ( Close Goose.bat) it send you to command master and closes the game by itself. the bat file is inside a folder with the goose program.


I just downloaded this and I am sobbing. I love my lil goose friend. Bless your soul.


can you please make it so it can be on chromebook

That isn't possible. All Chromebooks can do is run Chrome, which means you can't run other things like Desktop Goose.


Does this work with chromebook?



i cant get this dumb thing off my screen, how do you get rid of this stupid thing?

Hold esc to remove :


mr goose is not dumb or stupid he is the only god that i worship and i take offense to that :(



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Hello samperson, I liked your project so much that I decided to translate it to pt br. I would like you to publish my version on your page, and if you wish I will remove my link so as not to harm you.

Agradeço caso faça alguma doação ao samperson

Verção PT-BR  DesktopGoose v0.3 Windnows:


Hjönk am goose



Y'all staying at home better get some goose into your system (here's how if you're new to computers and stuff)

@10. .21 Its the same problem


how do I get him to honk? :(

How do I delete it on windows?

this is how

Thank you

Wait you can get multiple geese? "Full screen is unavailable" * doesn't let me click full screen or use f

Me: *double clicks the video*

Yes it actually works

Just hold ESC



how do you get it

i have the goose installed,, i love him tysm for making this-

i downloaded it and it appeared in my folders but it hasnt shown up on my screen at all, is there anything else i need to do


Did you run the goosedesktop.exe?

every time i click on it, it just says extract, so i right clicked it and ran in but still nothing

extract it

You downloaded the extractor, now extract the goose's files by left clicking the extract button and you will see a folder for the goose. Inside that folder, there will be goosedesktop.exe

when extracting, you can move the extracted folder into somewhere you can easily find it, like in your desktop, after extracting, find goosedesktop.exe and enjoy the goose.

Funny ! <3


I liked the trailer!

I have 2 screens but when the goose went to the other screen it went invisible. Please Fix.

I am on windows and i press the windows download but it is not downloading

Bad internet

Use a   V P N

I can't say "v p n" without spaces for some reason it asks me for captcha

i can say VPN without putting spaces

hey, so I need help.

i accidentally deleted the desktop goose application on my mac and it's still running. without the app i can't get rid of it... does anyone know how to fix this?


Try running this in the cmd
"taskkill/f /im goosedesktop.exe"
It's from the close goose file inside the folder
Remove the quotes

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That's a windows command


Killall "Desktop Goose"

That's why you don't have the same download button for the windows and Mac  version

Ah, I didn't pay attention to them saying mac version
My bad

Killall "Desktop Goose"


Killall goosedesktop

he's a poopsweck!


He keeps stealing mah mouse


please make a Chromebook option!!!!!!! 


yessss! plzz

That isn't possible. Chromebooks can only run Chrome, which means they can't run other programs like Desktop Goose.


idk how to downlowd the goos. Im stil stuck on step one :-(


its not working for me


how do you add it?

This is awesome. I love it


Please make for chromebook, I think it must be possible and goose would be so fun to play with in school


i want it on my personal chromebook



That isn't possible. Chromebooks can only run Chrome, which means they can't run other programs like Desktop Goose.

This is so sad, alexa-


A version for Chromebook would be awesome!


how to delete it it wont go away


That is what it is designed to do


Hold ESC


Hold esc

hold esc boiii


May I ask when it wiil be updated?


i've been waiting for the update too


Is it possible to turn it off when I'm trying to do work?


Yes, just hold ESC

Whenever I launch it just opens up a "self extracting" page and the only options are to extract or cancel. I don't get i

Well yea do you want to extract the goose's files onto your computer or do you wanna cancel?

The self-extracting program is a program that doesn't require you to install 7-ZIP or WinRAR to extract files.

I did click extract and waited, but it didn't run after that. Just kept asking to extract, then I clicked it, but it just closed it afterwards. It used to work but now it doesn't.🙁

It extracts the program. It doesn't extract and run it. It created a folder with the goosedesktop.exe file in it. Should be called "DesktopGoose v0.3"



Plz make it for mobiles Android and ios


It would not work because

1. memes will take up to much space

2. Won't work well because you don't have a mouse

3. Battery would die fassstttt

4. Too much ram being used

5. Would slow down the performance

6. Screen is too small


Phone's are not that UnderPowered. this is not 2000's.


Well do you know anything about phone CPUs and android RAM? 

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There are already apps like this one for  Android, search, aneko, shimeji, virtual pet buddy to name a few so, it is possible, maybe not with all the features of the desktop version, but still.

Also, do you know? Android doesn't have RAM since it's an OS (software) the device itself is the one with the RAM ( hardware) and it varies from device to device :)

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Yees I know

I know c++ c# and python and I'm currently learning Kotlin for Android development

Made a few apps with Android studio already

I was talking about how Android manages RAM due to java

Would it just steal your finger? XD


it would be awesome if you could make a version for chrome book:)



That isn't possible. Chromebooks can only run Chrome, which means they can't run other programs like Desktop Goose.

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