A downloadable goose-sperience for Windows and macOS

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HONK HONK, HEAR YE. I have created a goose for your desktop.

He'll nab your mouse, track mud on your screen...  leave you a message, deliver you memes?

Play video games with a desktop buddy who will attack you if you poke him.

Fill out spreadsheets while your screen fills up with instances of Goose Notepad.

Supports MacOS versions 10.10+!

NOTE: I am not affiliated with House House or Panic. This is a different goose. Direct support questions to the Discord!


 - NEW, OFFICIAL MODDING API! Join the discord discord.gg/xZFRmPT and check the #goose-mods channel for more info on this :D
 - YOUR OWN NOT-EPAD TEXTS! Add whatever notepad phrases you want, and the goose will pull them up!

 - NEW CONFIG TOGGLES! Customize the goose's behaviour further, silence the audio, and more!

From 0.2+:
- Unlimited memes! Put whatever memes you want in the assets folder! Goose will bring them.
- Added GIF support!
- Config the goose! Alter properties in the config.goos file (open it in Notepad) to adjust his aggression!)

 This is not a final itch page - just trying to get something up so I can upload the project tonight! :D

Join the Discord community at discord.gg/xZFRmPT

Check me out on twitter at @samnchiet

Mac support by the brilliant Jesús A. Álvarez

[The discord is being restructured still after the raid, but it's habitable now!]


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

DesktopGoose v0.3 (Windows) 4 MB
Desktop Goose v0.22 for Mac 14 MB


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i really want this for chrome book pls do it

coould you possibly make it accesable for chromebook users as i have one and have wanted to use this for a while now. thanks!

yes please do that

Im wanting to delete the desktop goose from my Mac, but I accidentally deleted the file and the goose is still wandering my screen. help me pls! I have no way of recovering the files :(


I have the exact same problem



i tried to get the goose to a scool chrome book but dind,t work could just donload it in






i activated alternate and my goose still isnt here where is hEeEEeEEeEEeeEeeEeeEeeEEeEEeeEeEeeEeeEeEee


I made an account just to say "Does this Work on Mobile?" Yeeeaaahhh, Pretty stupid of me.


I'm on macOS and my goose keeps running of the sides of the screen. I'm wondering why it's doing that but I doubt it has anything to do with my screen size as Goose works fine on my Windows10 partition.??

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I cant get it to work.When i try to open the Goose Desktop.exe it it doesnt open.

Make a new file in your C drive and when the exe asks where to install the file put it in your new C drive file.

will it be available for linux?

idk i hope

I tried to run it with wine and seems to work just fine 😊


guess who pasted the entire bee movie script to the Goose Not-epad

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This game is so funny


how do you close this on a Macbook?

hold to evict goose

Hold Esc For A Couple Seconds And He Is Gone Or In The Files Click Close Goose

Once he takes my mouse, he won’t give it back. How can I fix this?


is there anyway to get this on a chromebok

idk either and i want to know ho



How do I get it to work. FYI, I'm on a chromebook.

You can't.


ok but how can i get this thing on an acer ? like without f'ing it all up ... ta

i have a acer too and idk ho


Oh damn, well thanks anyway

how do you DELETE IT

Open the folder and click close goose

how do I do it on Mac?

i just want the goose not all this, "file and ertration" or " mange" PLEASE HELP ME I WANT THE GOOSE


Open the itch.io app and download it again. Click the settings and then manage then click open in folders. There you go.

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I have a problem, when I was playing with the goose and the screen it's white, HELP D':

I'm sorry with my english jeje


That's really bad, I'm pressing the esc button but nothing :(

What System Are You Using? Windows Or Mac


I have tried downloading it but the file doesn't show up. If I click launch from the itch.io app, it tells me to extract things. I do that, and it literally just does nothing. This happens every time I try.

Open the itch.io app and download it again. Click the settings and then manage then click open in folders. There you go.

FIVE STARs!!!!!! whu... how.... this is the cutest thing eveerrrrrrvaewdfa;eiwvgfaeiwugfiui  


how do u physically get it to work


is there anyway to make this available for chromebooks? im new to the whole coding sort of thing so i don't know what's compatible and what's not

ive no idea but if you find out , can you tell me? 

It isn't possible. All Chromebooks can do is run Chrome, which means you can't run other programs like Desktop Goose.


Oh god, oh no, this goose is all over my youtube recommendations, and now it's foubnd me on itch.io!


Im confused on how to get it working, when I press launch it brings up a thing that asks me wether to extract the file or not, I did but afterwards it didn't do anything? Am I being dumb?

Nvm, I figured it ou

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i got it



You click the settings thing at the side of launch, then click manage, then open folder, go into the one that says DesktopGoose v0.3 and click the one that says GooseDesktop with the little picture of the goose beside it  :P

A little goose buddy should come out from the side of your screen

Deleted 4 days ago

where does it say manage. please screenshot

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its really fun and sometimes really annoying

(plz click the upper arrow if you agree)


Hello I love the idea behind this. I also have an idea/request for the next update if you can make it :) Here is the idea: When you highlight your desktop (like in the picture) then the goose gets trapped in the box you made! I hope you see this :)

p.s sorry of my bad english :(



hey can you please decide on making a dog and a cat version of the desktop goose me and my friends would love that (thank you for making this desktop goose to hes very cute)

for some reason, when I try to launch the desktop goose through the itch app for windows it only launches the "DesktopGoose v0.3 Extractor.exe" file instead of "GooseDesktop.exe"

Open the itch.io app and download it again. Click the settings and then manage then click open in folders. There you go.

had a good laugh with this, I showed it to my sister and thought it was cute and made me download it for her laptop.  As a good brother, I had to add some notepad messages to her: "I know who you are [her name].  We are always watching." did the trick! On the other hand, it is fun and amusing especially on a boring night or on a lazy sunday afternoon.

i cant downloade it :(

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tes relly virus yes or no ?

any one reply me

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No, it isn't
Don't trust youtube videos that have the title "I downloaded a virus with the appearance of a goose!", it's only a way to clickbait you

Sorry for my english


it looks like u gonna have a bad TOM and it looks like satan


very nice i love it

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